Thursday, December 30, 2004

my ladies come home today

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

hey kid, I'm a computer

I got me a new one

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Burning Down The House...

Tonight, Bobo and I sat down in front of a great rerun of LOST with coffee and apple pie. He got a pizza and boneless buffalo wings for dinner just before and we were settling in. He chucks the pizza box in the fireplace and things start getting smokey. Just then my brother calls, we talk for a bit and Bobo was off somewhere. He's yelling for me to get off the phone- so I do. He then proceeds to call 911! His house is on fire!
At first it seemed like we just ran around getting esentials like jackets and IDs. We then cleared a way to the attic for the firemen when they arrive. I went outside to wave down the trucks, first one was an ambulance. Then the trucks started rolling in. I guess the Fridley department and the Columbia Heights departments were there. There were like 5 full trucks on our street! We sat in the warm ambulance and watched the ladder extend out over my jeep and onto the house while they contemplated chopping their way in through! We waited while they proceeded to tear down the wall in the living room! Soon the ambulance was dispatched to leave so we were sent to one of the fire trucks to stay out of the cold. Bobo and I watched from there, listening to the cb transmissions. It was over that system we heard it was ok for us to return to the house. For about an hour and a half, guys were coming in and out of the house, bringing tools and axes in and smoldering debris out.
In the end, there wasn't very much fire damage. Almost all the damage was from the guys getting to the fire. It looks like it was from the fireplace burning so hot, so long today on account of the furnace being out.

After all this, a guy came over to evaluate the house for a new furnace since ours died this morning.

Last night, Bobo was so worried about my room getting too cold, so he set up a space heater in my room for me (what a nice guy). This morning my room was fine. It was rather cold between my room and the bathroom, but thats normal. What was unnormal was Bobo running up and down the stairs checking stuff- turns out the furnce had died sometime in the night and my room was the only comfortable room in the house!

I guess the furnace was kicking out some high levels of carbon-monoxide- but not enough to trigger our alarms.

I was supposed to go bowling tonight with everyone from work, but I think it would be better to hang out with my poor poor roommate tonight.

So add all this up, this has not been a good day for my poor roommate. On a brighter side, he did get confirmation on his job, so he will be going back to work very soon.


Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Hey Kid, I'm a Computer!

Interesting morning at work. Right off the bat there was a Rusty music project to tape. We had a clash of staff in front of the music guests and it was very unprofessional. Everyone dispersed unhappy. How many times does this have to happen till something gets changed?

I bought a new computer today. I used the earnings from the recent Bobo swords sale on ebay to purchase them. It will be nice to be closer to the rest of the world as far as computers go. The computer I'm on right now is so old it doesn't even have a CD Rom drive on it! [0^^puter

Bobo and I exchanged our Christmas gifts today. After spending an hour in two different comic shops he finially just gave me a check to be used on geekflag stuff. I got him a couple of Settlers of Catan expansions that he asked for. However, I wrapped it in a box shaped as a perfect cube and then cut post it notes into circles and taped them all over the box to make a 6 sided die. Here is some trivia for you... how many dots are on a 6 sided die?

music - Alison Krauss (who just so happened to be on GMA this morning)

Sunday, December 19, 2004

I Take Swords for $600, Alex

Bobo's swords sold today! For a lot of money!


Saturday, December 18, 2004

KSTP Holiday Party

BJ and I went to Molly Quinn's and then to Austin and Perry's film.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

They Flew Away

Cara and I had another very nice day together. We had breakfast with BJ at the St. Clair Broiler then the rest of the afternoon to just be. She and I left to pick up Leesha from her school and then strait to the airport. Got them checked in, went for some dinner and then had some time before then flew out. Cara looked awesome in the shawl I got her! Right after dropping them off I rushed back to Cara's house for the last small group bible study of the year. I already miss my girls.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Holly Jolly

Today is Christmas for Cara, Leesha and myself. They leave tomorrow and won't be back till after the real Christmas so we celebrated today. I had off from work so I got to spend a some time with Cara before Leesha got home from school. We had a lot of fun opening up our presents from each other and from my parents to all of us. Cara suprised me- she got me the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy boxset! I went from having none of the extended versions to all of a sudden having them all. One thing I gave Cara was a fleece shawl, this gift may be more for me than her because I think she looks so cool in it! It was a good night. (however, Leesha did feel the need to push mom's boundries tonight, we didn't get by without some conflict, but thats ok. She was a very tired kid and thats what happens when kids are tired)

Monday, November 29, 2004

All You Can Fit In Your Body-Shrimp

After work today, Bobo, Paul and I went to Red Lobster for all you can eat Shrimp. We try to do this every year and its great. This year they added a coconut shrimp- awesome!

Pat was invited and declined because he doesn't care for seafood, yet he is absolutly starving for social contact. Foolish.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Viking Game Day LIVE makes me feel undead

Today was all about Viking Game Day, like it always is when they play at home. The whole day is dedicated to that show and I'm zombified for the rest of the day.

Everything went well this time round. The only thing that was really strange was a guest- some strange little night club act singer from Arizona who flies to MN every time the Vikings play at home. He came on and was intereviewed aukwardly. Hammer, our director described it perfectly- "This segment makes me feel icky!" That was exactly what it did. Oh well. We also had Benchwarmer Bob on and he sang some Wells Fargo jingle or something and did the moonwalk. Good stuff.

What did I learn today? A Ford truck key has a pretty good chance of opening other Ford truck doors.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Lets Go See the Nice Guys

Cara and I went to Greg's and Mandy's with out saying a word about the ring on Cara's finger. Lets see how long it takes for them to notice.

What a strange scene it was when we got there. Greg and Dad were dancing around with a light and half of the ceiling open and a light switch hanging off the wall. Mandy and Mom were shoveling out the fireplace and hauling out bags of ash.?! I thought they forgot to tell us to bring work gloves or something. So obviously, everyone was too busy to notice right away.

About an hour later we all sat down by the fire to talk. I knew Greg knew. He caught my eye looking at Cara's finger. And I caught his catching mine. We hid our grins. Everyone else was harder to read. Finally, Mom exclaims "I can't stand it anymore!" at the very same moment Mandy points at Cara's hand and gasps "OH MY GOSH!" and then the whole room exploded into laughter and congratulations. I'm sure Cogs and especially Eddy were startled. Turned out everyone was onto us except for Mandy. We all saw when she realized Cara had the ring on.

It was a wonderful time visiting. We went out to eat, came home and visited more.

Friday, November 26, 2004

9 Lunar Months/Proposition

This has been a crazy week. With Mom and Dad in town and staying at Cara's I haven't been at home much. It felt like go go go. All of a sudden we find ourselves with a night and it just happened to be a full moon- our 9th Lunar Month anniversary!

Work was very strange. Both the shows that I work on on any given weekday were cancelled, but I still had to be there. So I got there, and did nothing- well... Jay and I played a fantasy boardgame; Jason and I feasted on yesterday leftovers; Josh, Robyn, Scott and I played Crazy Rules Uno with some crazy Ahmed rules and then I left early. Stopped at The Source for a few minutes and then went on to Cara's house.

We watched an anime with Leesha and then she went to bed.

Cara and I found we had a night to ourselves on our ninth lunar month anniversary. So we cuddled listening to Enya. Except, I couldn't settle down. Cara could see I was all goofy and when she finally asked what was up with me tonight I broke down...

I dug into my backpack and pulled out a folded papertowel and gave it to her. She unfolded it, and inside was a blue satin bag, inside that was a small fancy fabric bag. Inside this small bag was...

a ring.

Then I said "Cara Joy, will you marry me?"

And she kissed me, and said "Yes, yes, yes!" and kissed me again.

Then I told her that she has seen this ring before. It is a ring that was going to be given to me by my mom's mom when she was gone but she had the idea to give it to me early for this reason and I thought that was a great idea.

We waited till 12:15 am or so to call her parents (who live in Kenya) and told them. They were very happy for us. About 30 minutes later, Craig and Tracy (Cara's brother and sister-in-law) called all excited.

It was a good night.

music - Flora's Secret - Enya

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving Surprises

Work was that typical holiday work day when all the hallways and cubicles are dark and quiet. Today, however, I gave my family a tour of my work. They arrived for the second half of the Midday broadcast and after we were off the air I showed mom, dad, Cara and Leesha everything, newsroom, edit suites, control room, front entrance, makeup room, studio B, locker room, everything. After they left we feasted like kings in the newsroom with Thanksgiving catering from Boston Market. It was awesome.

After the 5 broadcast, I took off to Cara's house to meet up with everyone for our Thanksgiving feast. Little did mom and dad know, but the Trelevens were en route to Cara's as well for a surprise. They were getting out of their car as I pulled in- everything falls into place, doesn't it. We surprised them big time. We had a wonderful time- Cara, Leesha, Mom, Dad, Eric, Terry, Teresa, brand new Lucas and me. Wonderful food, wonderful entertainment (Lucas), good times.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Thanksgiving Eve

Today was a virtual Friday at work because we recorded At Issue early due to the Holiday (which means I'm spent). While I worked, my mom and dad with Cara to Leesha's school to see her in a holiday performance for the student's grandparents. They said it was wonderful and I'm sure it was. She is a cool kid.

After work, I imidiatly went to Cara's house for dinner and to hang out with her and my folks since thats where they're staying. Cara made a great dinner and we had a nice relaxing evening just visiting. As we all started to fade, we listened to the Mischke broadcast.

music - The Man with the Golden Gun soundtrack - John Barry

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Bible Study/Mum & Dad In Town

My mom and dad are in town today. They arrived at Cara's just after dinner and just before bible study. We had a tiny chance to talk and they met Leesha, Eric and Laura Beth, then we got right into study. Bobo, Laura and Jonathan were absent tonight for various reasons, but my folks made up for it in conversation. They fueled great debate over Romans chapter 9. It was very fun.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Monday Monday, Can't Trust That Day

Today was focused on the tragedy in Wisconsin with the man shooting eight people while hunting. This kind of news darkens the day. I felt better having rested much yesterday.

Tonight I dug through Bobo's cds and founds some wonderful music. Namely the original Enya album and especially The Long Walk Home (Rabbit Proof Fence soundtrack by Peter Gabriel). AMAZING!

Tomorrow me mum and my dad will be in town.

music - Enya and Pete

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Viking Game Day at the Dome/BJ's Birthday

Another early early morning at the Metrodome. Today, however, was very cold. The show went well as usual and the only thing different of note was I went picked to help get the McDonald's food run. It was kind of fun ordering 15+ breakfast meals and see how the employees deal with that.

After the show was done and we had everything packed we were waiting for the cargo truck, I walked out to the sidewalk just past the Metrodome's shadow the soak up some sunshine. There was a bohemian looking fellow scalping tickets who noted my KSTP ID badge. He asked if I knew a guy named BJ who worked there- I said "oh, you mean Pinnerman?" (happy birthday, BJ)

The afternoon was spent in my bed trying, and seemingly not succeeding, in trying to reheat my body core. It was nice to stay off my feet for half a day.

Saturday, November 20, 2004


Took 9 hours for my computer to defrag its harddrive. I was given this computer about 2 and a half years ago and in all that time never defragged the harddrive because I could see it was taking too much time. Today I gave the computer the time it needed. I figured it would have plenty of time during...

GirlyCon- Laura, Keesha, Cara, Eric and I played D&D run by Bobo today. Bobo made up simplified characters for each of the girls and then made up a regular character for Eric. I rolled one up as people started to arrive. It took some time for the girls to get the hang of how to play a roleplaying game, but once we were into the story, I think they all liked it. It was hard for Cara and Laura to sit and play a game like this for such a long period of time (5-6 hours), but surprisingly enough, it seemed like Keesha really got into the game. I had a good time inspite of my character getting tied up by the rest of the party because they didn't trust him. Good times.

Bobo really went all out for Girlycon. He cooked up a giant pot of beef stew, had round loaves of bread and wheels of cheese. It was quite a feast. More than enough for all of us for two meals.

music - Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings soundtrack, Princess Mononoke soundtrack, Buldar's Gate soundtrack

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Dinner like a King/LOST/Walk

Work was fine. We had a production department meeting today and it was a congratulations-session, pretty much. It appears that our managers recognize that this is a very good group we have currently. Looks like there will be opportunities on the horizon. It is time for me to learn more.

I was very much looking forward to getting home today because I'm not feeling very well. I got home and Bobo started making dinner for both of us (with no request from me- awesome!). We ate very well and watched LOST. This show is amazing. Its fun being addicted to a show when the show is worthy of addiction. After that we had pumpkin pie and brandy/eggnog. Feasted like hobbits.

Then we went for a walk and talked about the end of the world. Got back and did some eBay tasks. Good day and I'm off to bed reletivley early.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Last Before-You-Say-I-Might class

This was the last class. Our breakout group leaders- Ethan and Robin, were awesome and I think we were lucky to have them. Alot has changed since starting the class in alot of different ways. I feel my relationship with Cara is stronger as a result of the class. Our friendships with Bobo and Laura and Eric and Keesha are stronger as well. It was a good experience, I feel.

When we got home I had an email from my grandma so I called her back and we had a nice talk. She wishes she could be here for Thanksgiving.

When I got off the phone, I found Eric hadn't left yet and joined he and Bobo in discussion for about another hour. I think we all feel as I have stated above about the class and our relationships in general. Its a unique and good time right now.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Church/Viking vs Packers

Spent almost ALL day at church. I picked up Cara for church. After church, she and I took our friend Dan to Culvers for lunch. After that we returned to church for the FOCUS event which was the Packers vs Vikings game. It was held in the new Phase 1 Youth Center with the big screen projector and audio equipment. Pretty fun hanging out with the FOCUS crew. and the Packers won.

music - Solsbury Hill, Down the Dolce Vita, Here Comes the Flood - Peter Gabriel

Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Three Trelevens/UP

Today is the day that Cara and I went to see Terry, Teresa and the band new Lucas Treleven. We drove out to Eau Claire and spent the afternoon with them in their apartment. It was a really nice time. They hadn't met Cara yet and we hadn't met Lucas yet, so it was good all around. Lucas is about 10 months old and is full of wonder and energy. Its fascinating to watch a little human like that. Its even more fascinating to watch your best friend from childhood with his own child. We took a walk, had some pizza and played a game of trivial pursuit and the T's won. Shortly after that Cara and I went home.

Once home, we built a fire (in my room, -sigh-) and watched the Peter Gabriel DVD- UP. It was a nice time to cuddle in front of a fire.

music - Goldfinger soundtrack - John Barry. And Peter Gabriel - UP dvd concert film

Friday, November 12, 2004

Nonstop Work/At Issue

I didn't sleep well. My subconciouns mind kept worrying that I was going to run out of oxygen from the embers in the fireplace. But I warmly restless.

Its a little rough coming out of lastnight's intensity of work, going to bed and having a day like Fridays at work. Its go go go almost from the moment I get there till I go home and thats because of At Issue. That show fills the gap between live news quite well and you come out the other end spent. Poor Cara suffers at home while I'm in my zombie state of having a night at home without anything planned for a change.

So I spent most of the night on the phone with Cara, mum and dad and Terry (not all together).

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Veteran's Day/Viking Game Day (or Viking's LowLight Night Special)

I had a bunch of things I was going to send out in the mail from eBay and didn't realize it was Veteran's Day. D'oh! Thats fine, they get their day. Thank you, to all the vets who ever read this board, for your service.

Arafat died today and the media is making it seem like a wonderful and great man has passed away. Was I wrong with the impression this guy was out to wipe out the Jews? What is wonderful and great about that?

Viking Game Day started off like they all have. Played a couple of games of 4 way chess with 3 guys. Around 4pm is when things start to go wrong. Something is wrong with the lights. They can't seem to get them all working at once (They, being the lighting company that was hired to light Game Day). Something has changed. For the next 2 hours the guy is running around sweating his head off trying to figure out what was wrong. Our time is ticking away and we need to do something. We start running power cables for our own little light kits each photog has with them and get to work just throwing light around. Meanwhile, the lighting guy is still messing with his thing and all this power is overloading the breakers. All of a sudden, with a pop, we lose all audio power. Get the power back on and it happens again! Its the light guy, messing with things. Finally we get him to stop and he just leaves. We do the show with our little kits and it looks alright. Just not fun. What else could go wrong? Well, we had a heckler in the audience and it happened to be a lit up Viet Nam vet! I swooped in on him and asked him to be quiet and soon a security guard talks to him so I leave since the situation was cooled off. The guy was fine after that, just giving anyone with eye contact the thumbs up and peace signs. I felt bad for the dude.

Cara and Leesha came to watch the show. I don't think they made it in any bump shots because they were sitting in an unlit area and lit areas were limited tonight.

Scott, Josh, Bryce, Glen and I had a beer at Jillians- this one was kind of earned more than the beers before.

Bobo and I mad a fire in my fireplace tonight. It smelled so good and cooked up my room to a nice warm temperature. Nice way to end such an evening.

music - Because - Beatles

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Church/Lord of the Rings

Met Cara at church. This was the first time in about a month that I've been able to go to church. It was nice and Greg Boyd had a pretty good message about freedom from fear. The coolest concept I got out of it was:

your fear of [blank] causes more pain than the actual [blank]. your fear of [blank] will make it more likely that you will have [blank].

Insert [blank] with:
  • rejection
  • poverty
  • aging and death
  • failure
  • being wrong
  • past experiences
  • etc.

I really enjoyed the message.

Cara and I went out to lunch after church, today, and used up the gift card Jen gave me for watching Dasher. Jeremy dropped off Leesha at the Applebees we were at and we all went to Cara's house. We hung out, had some french toast and then sat down to watch Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. I had been wanting to watch it since our anniversary night a week and a half ago because of Enya and Ian McKellen and I started reading The Two Towers yesterday. When I have to move, I believe I will have to pick up this trilogy, for sure. These are worthy to be owned.

music - Howard Shore

Saturday, November 06, 2004

BoboCon II/8 Months

All day was dedicated to BoboCon II. From 2pm till about 10pm, around 21 guys were gaming in our house. Most were regulars, some new people gaming here were Jay from work and Eric from church- both in my group. It was pretty fun all around. I think it was maybe too much time gaming, but since its so rare that we ever do for that length, its ok.

Didn't do anything for Cara's and my 8 month. We celebrated it already on the lunar 8 month. Sometime durring our gaming, she snuck over and put a magnet picture of us as Han and Leia on my car- funny.

music - Lord of the Rinds: Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack, Baldur's Gate soundtrack, DUNE soundtrack, Princess Mononoke soundtrack, Nausicaa soundtrack (which Wally hated)

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Viking Game Day MOA

Today was the first Game Day in the giant rotunda at the Mall of America. It went pretty well. Before we started taping, Scott, Josh, Robyn and I got two games of 4 player chess in. That game rules.

Afterwards, a bunch of us met at Jillian's for a beer. Hammer and his wife, Steph, stopped by. Its so fun talking with those two. In the end everyone else left and the three of us were last.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Crazy Schedule/BUSH WINS

So I start work today at 2:30 AM! The plan was to start the morning news at 4 AM, but since nothing was happening, they started at the regular 5 AM. So I sat in the prompter booth listening to George Noory. He had a guest who was talking about how either candidate was bad enough because they're both part of this global conspiracy where Europe will, in the end, 'save' Iraq and US will be on the offering table. If any of that's true, bring it on! I'm fine with a Mad Max kind of world. One thing I'd miss would be this web page- Sinking In the Quicksand of My Thoughts!

I was finished with work at noon, went and did some errands and started to lose my energy. I was home and asleep by 2:45pm

I got up to watch LOST. Awesome show.

At 10pm I was at the Mall of America to help set up lights and cabling for the new location at the mall- we're now in the giant rotunda by Underwater World for the rest of the season. Dave Hammer was there as well and we mainly just stood in place and let the guys set the lighting while we shot the shyte.

Oh, yeah. Bush won the election.

It feels like I haven't seen Cara in a long time.

music - Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears for Fears

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day

Bobo and I went to vote together. We talked about gaming while in line. This was the first time that I can remember going to vote with someone else.
Social night at Cara's house for bible study. We had two new people come. Ross was one, not new, but his lady friend, Lindsey was new. We played some kind of DVD Trivial Persuit which was fun, but I seemed to help the girls team more than our own.
music - Election Day - Arcadia

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Viking Game Day live at the Dome/Halloween

Today was pretty much nothing but Game Day. It was too early to be up. Being that it was Halloween, I dressed up as Indiana Jones again. Why again? Well, thats what I dressed up as last year. Joe Schmitt doesn't take the time to learn the production crew's names. Last Halloween he saw me and obviously recognized the costume because for 1 year he has called me Indiana. So I wore it again for him today.

The show went fine. Not as good as when Burt showed up. But I did get some air time in the last block. Joe had me come up on stage and introduce me as the floor director and I gave my whip a couple of snaps on the set. It was alright.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Game/Costume Party

First thing I did today was go to the Army Surplus store on 1st. Ave in down town Minneapolis to find the rest of my costume. Found everything I needed there! A ranger vest, a belt and a 'holster'. I then picked up some pizza for gaming. Pizza is almost the staple for gaming.

The game was pretty good. I had missed the last one so it was a bit awkward getting my character caught up with the party. There is a new player in the group named Ron. He creates a whole different dynamic to our party and our gaming group. Nice guy. The game went on pretty much as usual till the end when Jason's character and Bobo's character faced off in an argument and just let it out. They happen to be half brothers in the game and this was almost genuine sibling rivalry. It was great roleplaying.

Later was Cara's costume party. I arrived before anyone else... including Cara. So I put on Star Wars: A New Hope while I waited. Pam was the first one to arrive and we got to know just how high each other's geek flags flew. Her's is pretty high, but not as high as mine. She had stars glued to her shirt- she was the 'center of the universe'.
The party was pretty good. Cara looked amazing as Princess Leia. I guess I was a pretty good Han because we won the costume contest. Eric was a cowboy with a HUGE beltbuckle. Mike D was Indiana Jones. Salo was the pirate she was the weekend before. Had a good round of CRUno.

music - John Williams- various theme songs of movies containing Harrison Ford

Friday, October 29, 2004

Date Night

After work I went to The Source to find a Star Wars Blaster and lo and behold, they had one. The last one. From there I went to Cara's house. We planned on going out tonight, having dinner and watching a movie... in the theater!! So thats what we did.

Had all you can eat shrimp at Red Lobster. Then, we went to a mall to find some clothing for my costume for the costume party on Saturday. Cara suggested JC Penny's or something and we found what we needed. Then we went to sports stores like SportsMart or REI to find other elements of my costume, but got no further because we were running out of time. We abandoned the search for more costume parts and went to Team America: World Police. That movie is hilarious and far from wholesome. It was really nice to have two nights to be together.

When I got home, before I went to bed, I spray painted my Star Wars Blaster black, because it came in a what-the-heck/politically-correct orange!??!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

A Night to Just Be - 8 Months

Cara and I finally had a night to just be. Today marks our 8 month anniversary. We measure our dating by the lunar month since it was a full moon on our first date. Leesha was in bed already and Cara made a simple candlelight dinner for us. It was very nice. We watched a movie after we ate and guess what she chose... X-Men (how did I find this woman??!!). After the movie we watched a video tape I borrowed from a co-worker he taped off of public television - The Question of God: Freud vs Lewis. It was fascinating and had a lot of relevance with the Before-You-Say-I-Might class we're in with all the talk of love (you know, Lewis's Four Loves book and all).

Obviously, Schmitty had taped the show on an old tape because after the recording was done, the remainder of Black Stallion was on the tape, taped from a 1984 Christmas broadcast. The best part of that was seeing the vintage commercials. We figured out the date because there was a commercial for The Chorus Line coming to theaters that Friday. Looking it up in pegged the year. Its funny to see how non-politically correct everything was then. Ahh, the Reagan era.

music - Enya (Cara had Enya playing when I got to her house. With that playing and seeing Ian McKellen, I'm feeling an urge to watch the Lord of the Rings movies soon!)

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

LOST and eBay

Tonight's episode of Lost was pretty good. This show is proving itself worthy of addiction. There are some very small details that could be more realistic, but even with those, this show is WAY better than pretty much anything else I've seen on lately (which isn't much, actually).

After that, I pretty much dedicated this night to catching up and posting more things on eBay.

music - Nowhere Again - Secret Machines

Monday, October 25, 2004

Breaking News Day/Before-You-Say-I-Might Session 4

This morning was relatively normal at work, but as soon as the Midday show was over it seemed like the world fell apart. We had three potential breaking news stories happen- only one was worthy enough to actually cut into programming, but behind the scenes, we're all on standby when we go on or not. First one was the Amber Alert kid was found- actually he escaped and returned home on his own. Crafty. The second was a wall collapsed in Somerset WI and the third was a fire in a St. Paul house. Strange day. We go for weeks without any breaking news and then we have a day like this.

Tonight's class was probably the most valuable one yet. It was about intimacies- how they can be good and/or bad for a relationship. This is the meat of why marriages often fail, I think. It was interesting. Our breakout group even split by gender to further discuss the topic. It was interesting and I feel I've connected with others in my small group on a deeper level. Very interesting.

After we got home, Bobo and I took a walk and smoked a couple of stogies and talked some more. Nice night out. We really ought to do this more while we can.

music - Blame It on the Rain - Milli Vanilli (due to the Ashley Simpson lip-sync story)

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Bobo Gets Engaged!!!

After about 10 months of dating, Robert and Laura are engaged. He asked her last Thursday on Honeymoon Bluff along the Gunflint Trail in the Boundary Waters in the last moments of sunlight and she said yes. They will be married next August (so I have to start looking for a new place to live soon). They met in the bible study that I inherited and now lead with Cara. We're all currently attending a before-you-say-I-might class about marriage. This is so awesome. Congratulations!

oh, and he asked me to be a groomsman and of course I said yes.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Dasher Goes Home/Medieval Birthday Party

Today was the last day I watch Dasher for jenny. She picked him up right from the airport. My time with Dasher was interesting. He has an insecurity that can get annoying. He needs to be on one's lap almost all the time, which would be fine if he would stay still, but he can't seem to.

As soon as Jen left, I threw on my costume and flew down to Keesha's house for a collective birthday party of various FOCUS people. I got there a bit later than most and missed some of the activities like jousting and sword fighting. Everyone looked great in the costumes, Eric had full chainmail and people were sticking magnets on him, Rob Kistler (spelling?) came in full tin-foil armor that kept tearing, etc. Cara looked great. I've been missing her lately because of our schedules. I had to leave a bit early due to Viking Game Day early tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I have a friend over tonight and tomorrow till Saturday. My little friend Dasher. Dasher is Jen's dog- half Basenji and half Jack Russell or something like that. He is a funny little dog, Bobo and I think Dasher hasn't experienced much dude play. He doesn't seem to know how to roughhouse. He's a little girlie dog. Oh well. Its fun anyways.

music - theme from On the Road

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

What do you do when there is something at work that saps your energy like a sponge? Not just my energy, everyone involved was drained. An energy vampire is among us.

I brought home the tech manual for the video switcher today.

Bible study was fine, tonight. Everyone was tired. These busy weeks are wearing on us all- having class Monday nights and then bible study Tuesday nights. Romans chapter 5 is short and very repetitive of chapter 4 so we allowed a lot of tangents tonight.

I chucked a digital alarm clock tonight. A clock I received from my folks upon graduation from 5th grade (I think). It still works- sort of. The clock part works, but the alarm had no control for volume. The only setting left is MAXIMUM VOLUME. So I chucked it. I have a new small digital one anyway. One that automatically resets itself every morning at 2am. It receives an AM radio broadcast from Fort Collins, CO that updates the exact time from the atomic clock there.

music - Election Day - Arcadia

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Cara and I have returned from the small group leader's retreat in Alexandria. It was a good time. On the way up, Friday night, Hwy 94 was packed all the way till around 8pm. We almost turned around and came home. Its been such a crazy week and we were tired. Once we got there, it was clear that we belonged there. Like the Woodland Hills retreats that I've been to before, this was just so much fun. Its license to be a kid again. There was a treasure hunt on Saturday evening that we had to dress up like pirates for (I won the pirate costume contest, thanks to Bobo's selection of renaissance apparel). We stayed up late playing games and talking and laughing and it seemed like we ate and ate and ate. While the ride up there was so slow, the ride back was very fast it seems. Good times.

This evening I packed up a couple more sales on eBay. Another collectible game action figure and a battle axe!

music - I had Shake the Disease by Depeche Mode in my head most of the time while there, but Greg Wollen's song Glorybound was, for sure, the song of the weekend.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Yeah, tonight was a bit of an adventure. We'll get to that in a sec.

First. This was a Viking Game Day day at the Mall of America. The best part of these days is over time and 4 player chess. After we set up the set its becoming tradition the four production people (Scott, Josh, me and another- rotating person, today it was Robin) play chess against each other with a special board made for four. It is really fun and it leads to chess theory discussions.

The show went fine and packing up the set is getting faster and faster. We're hitting our stride. Tonight's was the last one in the Sears rotunda. Next time we're there it will be in the giant Sam Goody rotunda. We may have to find our stride again.

After we were all packed up I went to a Halloween store to buy cheap swords. Cara and I are going out of town this weekend. We're attending a small group leader's retreat up in Alexandria. They told us to bring pirate costumes for some reason. So I bought swords.

When I got home, Bobo and Laura were upstairs. Not long after I got there, she left. Soon Bobo comes downstairs. Lets go check the trap- I say.

So we go out and look and sure enough, Bobo caught an opossum (he had seen one around and picked up a rather large trap). So as soon as I was packed for the weekend, we took the opossum in my jeep across the river and let him out. We figured it would have to cross the Mississippi on Hwy 694 to come back and that probably wasn't going to happen. He was a strange looking chap. "marsupials do, though". Didn't smell good either. But once we got the trap opened, he was gone -"'cause, they're fast!"
yeah, that was the adventure.

music - song from Night at the Roxbury

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I mailed the first sale from Bobo's line of eBay products today. The HeroClix Silver Surfer is away!

[warning... venting ahead!]
Work was fine. There is one guy (the guy who always clears his throat) in engineering who has gotten on my nerves. I guess he sees me as the most willing to help in the production department or something, but come on. He has no care if I'm on my break or not. He expects me to drop whatever I'm doing and help him every time. The thing that is annoying is the difference in nature of our department's days. His department- they have all day to work on whatever they need to. Our department is very dependent on what time it is to if we're available or not. We can only take breaks at certain times. I don't think he sees that.

Infact, he is an interesting person in that he is one of the most self centered people I've ever met. I don't mean that in an insulting way, I mean that in a most littoral way. He has a strong need to show you how you are wrong and he is right. Condescending. I recall one morning, there were about 3 of us production people sitting at the table. The other two guys were reading or something like that. I was eating breakfast. He comes over to our table and sits down and asks if I could help him with something. I say sure- between bites and he says, ok, I'll wait for you to finish... and he sits there, watching me eat until the moment I swallow the last bite. It was incredibly awkward and annoying. aaaaaaarrrgggg!!!

We had social night at bible study tonight. No study, just play games. First we did our highs/lows and for Erik's praise report, he pulls out a ziplock back with a mouse caught in a trap, quite dead and says- "answered prayer!" (which, obviously was a prayer request last week or the week before), quite hilarious, though, Laura didn't appreciate a dead mouse in bible study. What game did we play tonight? Taboo- boys vs girls. I found I kick ass at Taboo. We laughed a lot. Then we got on a strange kick about carnivorous and making puns with all the food names that could apply to humans as food. Fun odd night.

Found out that disk 2 of the Jeremiah DVD set doesn't work. That was a bummer. I'll have to figure out how to resolve that problem with the eBay seller, get all hard-assed and mean.

Bobo got me the 1st volume of collected out-of-print rpg books Greg, Terry, Orion and I used to play way back in the day. Twilight 2000 volume 1. Very nice presentation with more than I had before. Brings me way back.

music - Love, In Itself & Shake the Disease - Depeche Mode

Monday, October 11, 2004

2nd night in our couples class. There was some kind of grouping problem with Bobo and Laura's group and maybe Erik and Keesha's as well so they took the 'problem children' (the Woodland Hills folk) and made a new group, consisting totally of us. So its the six of us and our small group leaders, Ethan and Robyn Craig, who are awesome people. We all kind of knew something was going to shift around but none of us saw it coming out like this. I like it. It seems like God is directing us down a path where these three couples [Keesha and Erik, Bobo and Laura, and Cara and I] are growing into a group of friends. Sort of like when you'd see your parents go out with friends, it feels like that.

Bobo and I watched the first episode of Jeremiah last night. Cool show. Its a post-apocalyptic setting, so I gotta love it. Looking forward to seeing how the show continues.

The events around that accident are fading. Thank you, God, for time and the effects time has on the mind.

music - Growing Up - Peter Gabriel

Saturday, October 09, 2004

I saw a man die today.

Cara and I were in Woodbury visiting her friend Kristin and his husband, Matt. They just moved into a house and we returned Sadie, their dog, that Cara was watching for the weekend. We stayed for a good chunk of the Twins game. We took off at about the 10th inning. Took 494 north which becomes 694 as it turns west. It seemed like a lot of people were driving recklessly all over and I even made a comment to Cara like "What's up with people tonight!?". Then we had just passed 35E and a red SUV was merging into our lane about 50 yards ahead of us- perfectly fine. Then, very very fastly, a large grey pickup truck, weaving between cars behind us, whips around my jeep and obviously wanted to get in our lane ahead of us, but the red SUV had just merged there. Too late. The back of the big grey truck clips the front of the SUV causing the truck to redirect perpendicular with the highway and he keeps going off the highway to our right, hits the ditch, rolls over on the frontage road. The red SUV manages to pull over on the on-ramp of Rice Ave. they were fine. Cara starts to call 911, I park the jeep on the side of the highway, hazard lights on and run down and up the ditch, jump the fence and join the 3 or 4 other people assessing the situation. The truck was on its roof, pieces of truck and glass all over. Another car comes up the frontage road and in its headlights we see the driver of the truck kind of hanging out of what was the rear window. There is blood and he is moving a little. It seemed like 4 or 5 minutes and a cop arrives. In his flashlight beam we see just how much blood has pooled. It doesn't look good for this guy. The red SUV guy comes down and he is superwired-in shock, but he is physically fine. By now more cops and ambulances are there. Cara was up checking on the red SUV guy's son, he's fine too, a bit shaken up. She gives a cop her report, I give mine and eventually we're on our way.

music - Too Much Rope - Roger Waters (Give any one species too much rope and they'll f* it up!)

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Happy Birthday Gregory!

Worked out at the Mall of America for Viking Game Day and it went rather well (unlike the last two times). Stopped by the Franklin Covey store- which has become a tradition this year. After we set up the set, Josh, Scott, Zach and I played 4 player chess. We've been doing that on and off all week and its been a blast. Somehow, I became the designated liaison between us and the cheerleaders. One of the regulars calls me Indy because she heard Joe Schmit call me that (Joe doesn't know my real name so he calls me Indiana because last year I was Indiana Jones for Halloween). And I broke my leatherman.

I'm scheduled to work at the Metrodome tomorrow evening for a Twins pregame show. After that I'm going to Greg's and Mandy's again this weekend to watch the nice guys (see below).

music - Hold Back the Reigns - Duran Duran (Rio) and Here is the House - Depeche Mode (Black Celebration)

Monday, October 04, 2004

Happy Anniversary, Greg and Mandy!

Its been a while since I updated this blog. I've been at Greg and Mandy's hanging with the nice guys. Hanging with the nice guys is kind of like a miniature vacation for me. It forces me away from my usual routine and gives me a period of time to just sit on my ass and watch movies or tv. Thats half of why I haven't posted for a while. Those dogs are wonderful. They even got to chase a rabbit this weekend!

Tonight was the first Before You Say I Might class (of 7). Its a couples class for those who are involved in a serious relationship and are thinking about marriage. It was interesting and I can see the potential for how this could help Cara's and my relationship. I have homework. I'm due to write more, but I'm feeling quite unmotivated tonight, so I'll just have to write more tomorrow.

music - Downside Up - Peter Gabriel (been listening to a lot of Pete lately)

Sunday, September 26, 2004

So I haven't posted for a few days.

Yesterday I bought a new bike and was immediately called into work for breaking news. I was the first one to arrive in response to the pager. Cara had to hang out while I got the studio and control room up and running. The regularly scheduled crew came in so we left. My bike is awesome. Its a large Raleigh mountain hardtrail with bar ends and a water bottle mount.

I woke up around 3:30 this morning for work. Today was the first Viking Game Day shot live from the Metrodome. Its always a bit crazy out there because you have tons of people who are trying to get into the game and half of them are filled with alcohol. Then we have former Vikings on as quests. Today's guests were Boomer Brown and Robert Smith and... Burt Reynolds!!?? What? Why? Who knows, but he was there, on the set. The best part was we were referring to him as Turd Ferguson over the headsets while we were trying to figure out where to put him in the show. So as I'm standing right next to Burt, Dave the director says- as plain as day, "So, we're replacing Q&A with Turd Ferguson?" I had to laugh. How surreal was that? The show went alright. Somewhere in the middle of the show I saw Terri Huml in the crowd. She was a board member at Bloomington Public Television when I worked there. She was also the Vice President of Advertising for the Vikings at the time. Not sure what she is to them now or why she was there, but it wasn't a surprise that she was there. We got out of there sometime between 1 and 1:30.

After Turd, I went home and rested for a bit. Then Bobo, Laura, Eric, Cara and I went to Shaun of the Dead. Very fun movie. Cara had to run as soon as we got home. Eric hung out and we watched some internet movies. He had not seen Troops before. Then he left and I updated my blog.

music - Thursdays Child - David Bowie (even though its Sunday)

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

For each of the shows that are produced throughout a day during the week there are usually certain directors that do those shows. This week, it seems that all the directors were shaken up and everyone is doing everyone else's show. It is kind of refreshing. Its a chance to work with directors you don't usually get to.

So, since the fair has ended and the couple of weeks after that all crescendoed into the At Issue/Town Hall Meeting Friday, everything has leveled off. Things sort of resemble regular schedules again. Working at the pace for the last few weeks was stressful. I wasn't able to do anything with my decko training and the momentum I had with that has faded. I'm grateful that the intensity of those weeks is over, but I'm left with a sense of left over ambition. Today I had a bug to pursue training as a technical director. That has been the nudging of my managers ever since I've been hired, but sitting at the switcher is very scary and by the end of the day I was questioning that ambition bug again. But I did ask to borrow the tech manual to get a basic foundation and a direction to start with understanding this piece of equipment.

There were more interviews with people about David Fraunshuh. Today we had Stanley Hubbard, himself, as one of the people speaking about him. Its kind of funny working with the guy that ultimately owns you.

This evening we had our 'Harry Potter' gaming session with Pat, Paul, Erik, and Bobo and I. These usually start off as "here we go again..."- not real excited, but by the end of the night, I find it has been an enjoyable gaming experience for the most part. Pat is very good at running NPCs with lots of variety in character. I believe the campaign has been going on for about a year and a half. We shall see how long this game lasts.

music - Cookin' Mid-County and Animal in Every Corner - Danielson (come on, pack it up. lets get out of here. come on...)

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Today was rather cool. We had a Gold Star project. A gold star project is like in the movie Hudsucker Proxy when they had a Blue Letter- A Blue Letter! That's a message from the top floor, everyone out of the way!!! Gold Star is a project directly from the Hubbards. This is just single shot, one person interviews with people all talking about a guy named David Frauenshuh. Three people came it today be interviewed and from what they said about him, I'd really like to meet him. The testimonies of these people made David sound like the closest thing to a saint we could have. Described as-"the kind of guy you couldn't wait to hang out with again." "Can't wait till next time I get to see him." "Wonderful member of my bible study and a great man of God". Sounds like someone who would be a great role model. From what I understand, he is a real estate developer and owns half of St.Paul. Kind of cool.

Our bible study was tonight and I thought it went really well. Again with the question system where everyone submits a couple of questions and we pick them from a bowl as been a really really great way to get people involved with discussion. This group has come alive once again (and maybe more than it has ever been). We are finding that there is a very divers dynamic in the group and its turning out very fulfilling for me.

music - Brother Danielson

Monday, September 20, 2004

This felt like an ordinary day. There appears to be a sort of relief this whole week. Aside from having the Town Hall Meeting last week, that in itself is a relief, a certain co-worker is not present. We all have a week to prepare for their return- which was rough last time they had a week off. Its like they need to make up for the time away or something. Well, enough about that. I have a whole week of not having to talk about it.

I had my physical tonight after work. Everything turned out alright, I guess. While I was in Kenya, Cara's dad (who is a doctor) determined that my heart rate was too high and everyone was worried. Well, the doctor today said there wasn't a problem with my heart rate at all. So there!

When I got home, there were people gaming upstairs- so I watched MillenniuM. Oh, man, this show is awesome. The episode that I watched last nigh was quite a turning point in the first season. The show accelerates from this point on to the season finale. I love this show.

music - Who Killed Tangerine? - Tears for Fears
btw, I found out that the first track on that album isn't called Wake Up, its actually the title track - Everybody Loves A Happy Ending, so yesterday's music is erronious

Sunday, September 19, 2004

This entry marks one week of new updates.

This morning, I let the boys out and went off to go pick up Cara. We went to church. Its kind of strange that Boyd was gone for so long and returned last week only to take this week off again. We had Sandra Unger and Paul Eddie as speakers today and thats just as good (maybe sometimes better than) as Greg. There was a Get-Involved-With-Your-Church kind of fair in the main entrance after the service and I had been asked to hang out and answer any questions about FOCUS since most of the focus folks (would that be folkus?) were at the focus retreat this weekend. So we hung out for a while.

After we left, we met Melony, Cara's cousin, for lunch. She's cool and we had a good time. Melony works at the MN Zoo so she was giving us updates on Henry, the Zoo's newest baby monkey. After that we went back to the Willis' to pick up my stuff and be sure that Greg and Mandy got back ok for the Nice Guys. They were back and everyone was fine- Eddy snorted a couple of times and looked at me sideways- but he always does that.

Dropped Cara off at her house and that was pretty much the last of my energy. I was getting ready to leave when Jeremy arrived to drop off Leesha. Found something Jeremy and I can connect about- STAR WARS. Its the universal language. Went home and watched some MillenniuM, did some bills. Called mum n dad. Typed this. and went to bed.

music - Wake Up by Tears for Fears (thanks Greg and Perry) and Twin Peaks sound track (while I updated my blog)

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Slept in today. Got up all slowly, Bobo made some quiche and we watched some Invader Zim. Then we went off to the theater for a noon showing of Hero. Hero is a film, not a movie. Made for film sake, not for money sake. I enjoyed it a lot. This was the kind of situation where I was like "eh, sure, I'll see it". Not all that excited, and then it turns out to be a beautiful film. The use of color is what really made it stand out. After the movie, I made my way off to Greg and Mandy's house to dog sit the Nice Guys. We played Chess on their PS2 and then Cara came by. We went to dinner, came back and watched Firefly. It was a nice relaxing day, for once.
After Cara left, I went to bed at my brother and sister-in-law's house.

music - the new Danielson album! (thanks Greg)

Friday, September 17, 2004

This was one very very work intensive day. I went in early to help with an early taping of At Issue. We did most of the show from when I got to work up until Midday. After Midday we finished At Issue and went right into a Town Hall Meeting show which was had some big statesmen in it so there was more pressure than usual. The day went very fast and I didn't have full sleep lastnight on account of the concert. But all went well. I got to see Gregums. He dropped by to give me a key to his house so I can let the Nice Guys out, tomorrow. While Greg was at work Perry played us the new Tears for Fears- sounds like ELO/10cc/McCartney all in one! Then we listened to some Danielson!

After work I was completely zombified. I got me some food and watched an amazing episode of MillenniuM. This show still amazes me. Then, I got on my computer and hacked out a color scheme and a donation option on the message board. I also got the bible study debriefing out and posted the first of many items Bobo has commissioned me to sell on eBay. Quite productive for being brain dead.

It seems like a long time since I've seen Cara.

music - Twin Peaks and Strait Story soundtrack (in other words, an Angelo Badalamenti day)

Thursday, September 16, 2004

So I got to sleep in a little today. Its Viking Game Day at the Mall of America. The show didn't go very smoothly today. It was our 2nd show and the 1st one went so well. I guess it just wasn't our time. Production starts at noon and the show tapes at 6:30 and usually ends around 9:30pm or so, but today I got out of there early because...

Scissor Sisters concert tonight!! There were actually a lot of people from work there. 7 of us total. I'll have a roster once I know how to spell everyone's names. But here is the set list:
  • Take Your Mama Out
  • Better Luck Next Time
  • Tits on the Radio
  • Skin song (didn't recognize this one)
  • Magnum Beat song (or this one)
  • Lick song (not this one, either)
  • Laura
  • Mary
  • Comfortably Numb (this was great because they would hit a guitar rif and kick out the rhythm from Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell- that was a nice touch)
  • Filthy/Gorgeous
  • The Return to Oz


  • Can't Come Quickly Enough
  • Music is the Victim

One thing- the Scissor Sisters are very chatty. We were often yelling back at the stage "No more talking! Next song please!" Another thing was, the lead singer was quite a sweetpants. Whoa! Therefore, so was 50% of the audience. The show felt sort of short, which was ok, because it didn't start until 11pm [sarcasm]good thing I left work early[/sarcasm] d'oh! so off to bed for some rest so I can be effective for hell day :)

music- hmm, I guess it'd have to be... Scissor Sisters

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I was tired this morning. It was raining and traffic was slower than usual, but I listened to OVO by Peter Gabriel so traffic was fine for me.

I caught one of my co-workers in a blatant lie today. It disturbed me more than it should've. Not sure why, maybe its something like an evaluation of that person's word, thats bothering me. It was over whether or noth they turned off their headset when they leave- so not a big deal at all, but their will to not be wrong was so strong that it kind of made me wonder what it would be like with a more serious situation. Now that its much later in the day/evening, it bothers me not.

Right after work- rush home for its game night with the boys. Tonight was John's game, which we haven't played for like a month. It was pretty fun getting back into it inspite of having my character almost get eaten by a red dragon. After the game, I found that everyone tried calling me today. I had four messages saved. This is the worst week for anyone trying to get ahold of me. There isn't a night that I'd be home or not busy before 10pm. Bobo and I went for a walk around our neighborhood talking about our ladies and about the game. We found our way down to the lake and layed down on the dock. It was such a beautiful night. I'm totally ready for fall.

OVO - Peter Gabriel (amazing)

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Work was fine today. We had a tour come in, which hasn't happened for a long time because of the fair. It was a group of seniors and they're way more receptive and fun to talk to than kids are. Everyone in the production night crew is getting sick. This is bad because we all touch the same cameras and wear the same headsets. I will not get sick.
There was a panel of ladies taking calls all day informing people where to vote in their districts. I found where I'm supposed to vote now, here, in Fridley.

6180 Hwy 65...

Since starting this web log up again, I needed someone to read it. I figured people would find it eventually even though its not advertised- it is available to those who look for it. Anyway, I called my brother, Greg, and told him to check it out. He did. Not even 5 minutes after I got off the phone with him, my co-worker called down to the PA area with a comment about one of the past couple of day's posts! Obviously finding it on his own. Strange how things work like that.

Tonight was good. We had a very good bible study. A couple, who usually doesn't go, was there tonight and we started a new and different questions system for the chapter (which was Romans chapter 1, btw). The system we implemented has everyone writing their own questions and bringing them to the group (tearing them into strips and once there, mixing the strips into a big bowl- thus, the question salad). So we would pass the question salad around. Someone would pull one of the question strips out and read it and we'd all discuss. It worked wonderfully. Definitely going to use that method again.

Back at the homebase, Bobo and I got into a good conversation about Catholicism and Protestantism which kind of ended in an analyze what denomination Jeffry is. Turns out I'm some sort of baptist.

reprise of The Final Cut - Pink Floyd (had to, it was raining on the way home- perfect Floyd weather)

Monday, September 13, 2004

This was pretty much a regular day at work. I little too much exposure to one particular co-worker who tends to be draining on EVERYONE who works with them, but other than that, not too bad. It's the evenings that are going to be the killer of the week. I have something going on every single night this week Tonight was Supperhuddle (see below), tomorrow night is bible study (see below), Wednesday night is game night, Thursday nignt is Viking Game Day at the Mall of America THEN Scissor Sisters at Fine Line! All that and Friday. I dread Friday this week. It looks like the production department's every spare moment has been committed starting from the very beginning of my shift right up to the end of it. If we have breaking news happen at all on Friday, there will be a bad domino effect that may cause a lot of productions to not get finished.

Tonight, Cara and I went to church to attend the Superhuddle, which is the small group leaders meeting and did some fellowshipping with others. It looks like our group no longer has a coach and all other groups that shared our coach are coachless as well. We'll have to see who falls into that role and if the relationship will be different than it was with our last coach.

Packers played tonight. At the time of writing this it looked pretty certain that they'd win. I imagine Greg and dad were watching the game. Tomorrow is kind of the first bible study with the new members. We're starting Romans and we're trying a new method with questions. Tune in tomorrow night for how that goes...

The Final Cut - Pink Floyd (perfect weather for it, too. lots of wind and lightning on the horizon)
Shooting for Ike was pretty fun. I had to tweak every single creative shot I could come up with since it was a limited stage and not so much light. Upon getting home I did some more tweaking with the web page- made it match my room's color. Cobra colors thanks to Cara for painting my room so. Its good colors to go by.

Bobo and I had a nice long talk out on the back steps. It was a good talk because it went much longer than we realized. I'm writing this in Sunday's tense but it will be posted on Monday. Tonight (Monday) there is a Superhuddle which what Woodland Hills calls the small group leader's meeting. It should be fun. It seems like forever since we've had one. Our group has changed a whole lot since the last meeting.

This was a good day. I felt spiritually recharged.

The Lucky One - Alison Krauss

Sunday, September 12, 2004

I have my blog up and running again. Its 4pm and I am to help Ike with some video taping of Life Challenge which is a Woodland Hills youth program. My plan was to go home after eating out after church and get my web log up again and it looks like I have achieved my goal. This marks the day that Greg Boyd returned to church and it was about as subtle as one could hope it would've been. He did get a standing ovation type of return (which I expected and was hoping wouldn't happen). The message Greg had was full of truth and it was nice to have him back.

been listening to Alison Krauss
testing, testing, one two three


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