Friday, September 17, 2004

This was one very very work intensive day. I went in early to help with an early taping of At Issue. We did most of the show from when I got to work up until Midday. After Midday we finished At Issue and went right into a Town Hall Meeting show which was had some big statesmen in it so there was more pressure than usual. The day went very fast and I didn't have full sleep lastnight on account of the concert. But all went well. I got to see Gregums. He dropped by to give me a key to his house so I can let the Nice Guys out, tomorrow. While Greg was at work Perry played us the new Tears for Fears- sounds like ELO/10cc/McCartney all in one! Then we listened to some Danielson!

After work I was completely zombified. I got me some food and watched an amazing episode of MillenniuM. This show still amazes me. Then, I got on my computer and hacked out a color scheme and a donation option on the message board. I also got the bible study debriefing out and posted the first of many items Bobo has commissioned me to sell on eBay. Quite productive for being brain dead.

It seems like a long time since I've seen Cara.

music - Twin Peaks and Strait Story soundtrack (in other words, an Angelo Badalamenti day)
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