Saturday, October 30, 2004

Game/Costume Party

First thing I did today was go to the Army Surplus store on 1st. Ave in down town Minneapolis to find the rest of my costume. Found everything I needed there! A ranger vest, a belt and a 'holster'. I then picked up some pizza for gaming. Pizza is almost the staple for gaming.

The game was pretty good. I had missed the last one so it was a bit awkward getting my character caught up with the party. There is a new player in the group named Ron. He creates a whole different dynamic to our party and our gaming group. Nice guy. The game went on pretty much as usual till the end when Jason's character and Bobo's character faced off in an argument and just let it out. They happen to be half brothers in the game and this was almost genuine sibling rivalry. It was great roleplaying.

Later was Cara's costume party. I arrived before anyone else... including Cara. So I put on Star Wars: A New Hope while I waited. Pam was the first one to arrive and we got to know just how high each other's geek flags flew. Her's is pretty high, but not as high as mine. She had stars glued to her shirt- she was the 'center of the universe'.
The party was pretty good. Cara looked amazing as Princess Leia. I guess I was a pretty good Han because we won the costume contest. Eric was a cowboy with a HUGE beltbuckle. Mike D was Indiana Jones. Salo was the pirate she was the weekend before. Had a good round of CRUno.

music - John Williams- various theme songs of movies containing Harrison Ford
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