Thursday, October 28, 2004

A Night to Just Be - 8 Months

Cara and I finally had a night to just be. Today marks our 8 month anniversary. We measure our dating by the lunar month since it was a full moon on our first date. Leesha was in bed already and Cara made a simple candlelight dinner for us. It was very nice. We watched a movie after we ate and guess what she chose... X-Men (how did I find this woman??!!). After the movie we watched a video tape I borrowed from a co-worker he taped off of public television - The Question of God: Freud vs Lewis. It was fascinating and had a lot of relevance with the Before-You-Say-I-Might class we're in with all the talk of love (you know, Lewis's Four Loves book and all).

Obviously, Schmitty had taped the show on an old tape because after the recording was done, the remainder of Black Stallion was on the tape, taped from a 1984 Christmas broadcast. The best part of that was seeing the vintage commercials. We figured out the date because there was a commercial for The Chorus Line coming to theaters that Friday. Looking it up in pegged the year. Its funny to see how non-politically correct everything was then. Ahh, the Reagan era.

music - Enya (Cara had Enya playing when I got to her house. With that playing and seeing Ian McKellen, I'm feeling an urge to watch the Lord of the Rings movies soon!)
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