Monday, December 19, 2005

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Woke up this morning at the Minneapolis Hilton and Towers. Cara held out till today. She must've felt worse than she let on last night.

The KSTP party was a great time. Right away we ran into Zach and exactly next- Steve and his date. Cara did a good job keeping up with me as I dragged her all around introducing her to so many people. Had some of the shrimp that don't qualify for the name shrimp.
Found Ben and Kristina, Ahmed, Robin and her friend Dana. We joined their table and had a wonderful dinner. This year was hosted by Cyndy and Joe. The entertainment, a comedian, was better than last year's mime.
After dinner people started clearing out and hanging in the lobby again. Our table, as per every year, hung out and danced. Steve collected centerpiece decorations penguins left by people. We were one of the only groups to do so. Our group and, of course, Jimmy's (from the garage staff). He always cracks me up. We danced out till midnight. Cara and I went on up to our room and shortly after that fell asleep. more pictures here

Saturday, December 17, 2005

KSTP Christmas Party

tonight Cara and I are staying at the Hilton and Towers in downtoan Minneapolis for the KSTP Chirstmas party! (she's not feeling good)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

my former co-worker's brother was on Want to Be a Millionaire Movie addition today or at least it was taped to day to be aired sometime in Feburary. Perry was one of the phone a friends but didn't get called. unknown at this point how well Austin did.

Monday, December 12, 2005

first day I felt like I was a regular on the morning shift.
I actually excersized today

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Strange Weekend

the good

6 months married today
saw Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (loved it)

the bad

ripped a hole in the couch wrestling with Leesha
spilled wine on carpet downstairs watching SNL with Cara (just call me captain destructo!)

Friday, November 25, 2005


Thanksgiving at our house. Since Cara's family is in Africa and mine are in St. Louis (and Greg & Mandy are with her folks) we invited other people who where lacking family or plans to come and celebrate with us. Here's who joined us:

  • Terry, Teresa, and Lucas
  • Josh Schneider
  • David Hasenberg
  • Eric and Keesha Phiefer
  • Laura Beth
  • Cara, Jeffry and Leesha

Leesha was supposed to be picked up by her dad but he never showed up. She seemed ok with that. He, later, had a lame excuse. Lucas Treleven was the center of attention and entertained us most of the evening.
It was a great time with lots of great food and lots of great folks.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Chickens, Anu and Anime

Cara and I raked up all the leaves, piled them onto a giant tarp and dragged them down to a pit down at the end of the road. As we dragged the tarp, we approaced the neighbor's driveway. These people have chickens. And these chickens have little fear of strangers or giant tarps. We had to be careful because it was very easy to just drag this thing right on over them. I guess they think food when they see people. Not that they eat people, its that people are who provide their food. Chickens are strange.

We poked around the construction just west of our house, down the hill. Its coming along pretty fast. But the chickens followed us to the construction. Strange animals.

Cara had a night out with her friend Anu. They went shopping and out to dinner. I was thinking of going to a movie by myself, but opted to geek out on Gundam videos instead. It was just what I needed.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Festive Evening

Craig and Tracy and the boys are going back to Africa in about a week. So in celebration and spending some time with them before they go, Delane's and Ron are hosting dinner at their house for the evening. Always a good time at their house.

I had to leave early, because I was invited to Vineeta's house for a Morning Show social gathering. Vineeta has just been switched over to the Morning Show (just after I was, also) and to get to know everyone better she and her husband are hosting this party.

Besides the Christmas Party and hanging out with some of the production crew, this was the first time I ever socialized with KSTP people outside of work and it was a blast!

Seth and his woman were there. I spent a great deal of time talking with Tommy from tapes, hanging out with Steve Schmit, and talked about Boston Terriers with Justin- the web guy. Schmitty and Kathyrn and I got into a pretty intense conversation about God in Vineeta's kitchen. When almost everyone was gone, Vineeta gave Justin and I a tour. What a cool house. This house is located south of Grand kind of near 35E. Three stories and a basement. We all went home around 11pm (which is really late when you work on the morning show).

Good time all around. I wish Cara could've come with, but it was important that she spend time with her brother's family before they left.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Here's Life Inner City Boxes of Love

Rob brought up an idea for a volunteer ministry for our small group. And since he brought it up, he was gracious enough to organize us in going through with it. So instead of meeting last night (like we usually do every Tuesday night) we met tonight at a warehouse in Minneapolis. The ministry is called Here's Life Inner City and the program we were working on is called Boxes of Love. What we did all evening was put together hundreds of boxes for needy inner city families. It was quite fun and we got to meet other people from our own church. It was really no sacrifice for us (other than we skipped watching LOST). Even Leesha was really helpful. She made bead bracelets that were included in every box.

When Leesha stays up past her bed time, its almost a guarantee that she will have a melt down. We were doing very well. In the car and on the way home, even. She was playing with my neck as I drove and trying to be playful, I bit her thumb- but I did it a just a little too hard. She pulled back and was real quiet. I could tell she was holding it in- not sure what to think of what just happened. I asked her if she was ok and if I bit too hard. That was her ticket to let loose.

Oh. My. Goodness!

She cried as hard as she possibly could! Which was fine. It was my fault. So we just let her cry. She eventually got tired of crying and forgave me. But that was kind of funny at first. Other than that, she was really really good. And even that wasn't bad. Just Melodramatic

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Click for $.03, MTURK & Sleep

I got BJ and Seth started on this website. On this site you can actually earn money for simply clicking on which picture best describes the business presented. Its very strange- but they're paying, so don't complain.

Went to a sleep doctor today and set up an appointment to have a sleep study done on me. I suspect that I have apnea.

We had a bit of drama at home this evening. Leesha's math grade is slipping and it looks like its because she just doesn't care about her work. When confronted, Leesha dropped into a strange victim mentality claiming that when we praise her its too loud and hurts her ears. I pray that characteristic fades from her because there is no integrity a self proclaimed victim.

Cara and I had a very powerful prayer session together tonight. I love to pray with her.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Josh Moved

Josh and I loaded up a U-Haul van and my jeep full of his worldly materials and set off to his new residence. Josh and I met the maintenance guy who gave him the key to his apartment and we went all around looking for nicks and cracks to report so Josh wouldn't get charged for those things when he moves out.

After all was settled we started to unload. We got the jeep emptied out and had the van in position when Greg arrived. Unloaded and in the apartment, Greg and Josh took off to pick up more furniture from IKEA and somewhere else and get us some food while I stayed at the apartment and built a tv stand and waited for the bed delivery and the cable guy.

I finished quickly and laid down to read.

Soon everyone arrived at the same time. After the bed was in and everyone left, Josh went to drop off the van while Greg and I built a shelf. I love the fact that Greg and I can find any situation hilarious because we were laughing our asses off while trying to build that thing. Fun.

Not long after Schneidy returned the cable guy got there, too. And Greg had to leave. After all was settled in and the cable guy was gone, I too took off.

We talked about his recently ended relationship quite a bit and figured this move was a major step in the right direction.

I stopped in at the Shinder's just up the street from Josh's, the one I used to go to all the time. I also stopped at Hot Comics up in Richfield where Greg and I would go every Wednesday back in the golden age.

Felt good to use almost every muscle in my body. And it felt good to help a friend.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

decision day

whether or not to commit to a different schedule. should i take the morning shift? and listen to George Noory every night on my way to work?


should i stay with this schedule, but have it go an hour later and miss dinner with my family and come home just as Leesha is going to bed?

the morning shift will free up some of the responsibility i have under Monica so that i may focus on more training.

the day shift would allow me to sleep more.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Got Lots Done Today

I've been subbing on the early shift again
picked up Tux for Eric's wedding
came home
Cara Leesha and I went to do erronds and picked up my new computer.
Robert came over for dinner
Robert and I went to Eric's to help him move. He had lots of stuff to move.

His house was quite the mess.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

got home
computer crashed

Friday, October 21, 2005

Grandma & Grandpa & St. Louis

We went to Grandma and grandpa's for brunch. Spent a good deal of time with them. Gma took leesha out shopping. Lucky girl.

Then we went to The City Museum. Amazing place. Its like the playground at McDonald's but for adults, too. If you ever spend time in St. Louis, you really ought to see the City Museum. here is a picture gallery

Pretty much right after we came home and had dinner leesha went to bed.

Cara and I got my folks to play Settlers of Catan and Cara won. My mom made food for tomorrow while she was playing (and she still did better than Dad and I).

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mom & Dad & St. Louis

Arrived at Mom and Dads at about 8 am. visited till about 10 and went to sleep. Mom and Dad took Leesha to the Butterfly House (which we heard she didn't really like). we had dinner and just visited.

Leesha was off her game. She was very tired from trying to sleep all night in the car and just being somewhere else. Even though she behaved very well, we designated over by the door as the time out spot- just in case. Well, Leesha chose dinner time to fight with us. My mom served coleslaw and Leesha melodramatically ate it with great facial expressions, fighting every moment with every excuse not to eat the slaw. Her face was so over the top that my mom couldn't contain herself and just started laughing at the expressions. So I sent my mom to the time out spot. She went! Laughing the whole time.

great time.

Leesha went to sleep really fast and really hard. We watched LOST that dad taped on Wed. My folks are fans, too.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Drove All Night

We left for Stl, MO shortly after I got home from work.
Drove all night listening to George Noory.
Every time we stopped Leesha managed to wake up and ask where we where. Unless we stopped at a rest stop so she could use the rest room. Then we'd have to wake her up. How did she know? little stinker.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Perry's Birthday

Today is Perry Kennedy's birthday. It is also the day he put his 2 week notice in to quit. Perry has been accepted at a new job at a school in Eden Prairie or Edina or somewhere down there. Congratulations and happy birthday!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I don't have a title for this one

Cara and I had a very nice day putsing around shopping. We were supposed to meet Greg, Spud, David and Jutton at Uptown Bar for gyro omelettes, but those dorks decided to grab McDonald's and sit in front of that horrible Viking vs Bears game instead of hang with us. I was pissed. Shouldn't have been. Its so common for those two (Greg and Spud) to back out of plans it shouldve been expected. My bad for not expecting. In spite of those asses, Cara and I had a great day.

Jutton caved and went over there anyways. He came over from Greg's house and we had blannies (blannies used to be what our bachelor household would call pancakes). Cara made these amazing blannies with bananas in them! wow! those were so good. Then off to the movie.

Watched Serenity (for the 3rd time) with Jutton. First time Jutton saw anything Firefly/Serenity. He liked it a lot. Not a surprise, the movie is great.

awesome movie

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Spud is in town.

Cara, Leesha and I went to her cousin's wedding today. Jason and Jonel got married today in the same church that Cara and I were married. It was nice and very traditional. Leesha was picked up by her dad after the ceremony.

After the wedding we went up to Greg and Mandy's house to see Spud. Jason, Marusha, Skyhawk, David and Misty Budney (what?!!!) arrived later. And even later, Jutton and his

It was good seeing Spud. It wasn't an ideal setting. It was too fast and not quiet enough. But it was a good time. Got to connect with David a bit. Cara felt that she connected with Mandy a lot more.

We set up plans to go to Uptown Bar and Cafe tomorrow for gyro omelets. Always love gyro omelets.

Friday, September 30, 2005


Schneidy hasn't been doing so well, lately. He needed some friend time. God bless Cara for recognizing that and almost sending me out to hang with him (she is such a keeper. I was out late lastnight for Viking Game Day and I know she would really like to spend some time with me, but while I was working last night Schneidy called to see if I was busy tonight and Cara pretty much sent me out with him).

We were going to use a couple of free movie passes, but the movie would have to be 10 days old or older and nothing that was that old was any good. Serenity opened in theaters today. I am going to go see it tomorrow night with a bunch of people, but you know what... We went to Serenity anyways.

I think it was a good thing for him to get his mind off his drama for a while.

what a wonderful movie. Best one I've seen this year. I know and love the show its from- Firefly. Schneidy hadn't seen any Firefly, so it was neat to hear what he thought of it from that perspective.

Go see this movie.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wednesdays = Comics and LOST

Still filling in for my manager as she's in Ireland. Today, however, wasn't too hecktic with all that. Makes for a nice change. I started to sit with Scott and learn some of the switcher.

Jay came to town for lunch today. I drove Brad, Ben, BJ and myself (I was the only person in my car whose name didn't start with a B) to Godfather's Pizza. Cara had called and wanted to know if I could go to lunch with her, so I invited her to go with us. Shortly after we got our food and sat down, she arrived. That was a real fun time. Its good seeing Jay and its always fun to have lunch with my wife. Brad had never met her before.

I snuck away from work at about 2:30 to take a co-worker, Mike, to the airport. He's got a friend in Vancouver he's going to visit. Mike is fun to hang with. He has a great sense of humor. One odd thing about him, though- He's seen every single episode of LOST and he hates the show.

I spent the gift certificate that Leesha got me at the comic book shop on a movie that I think she will like.

awesome movie. I've seen the Japanese version with fan-subtitles.

When I got home from the comic book shop there were my ladies with a couple of dudes. Nathan and Aaron. Ages 4 and 2. Cara is nephew sitting tonight so her brother and his wife could go out and celebrate his birthday.

This day was also the day Cara's friend Kristin and her husband were going out of town and we were going dogsit for them. Just after we ate, Matt dropped off Sadie. So we were fully [insert noun here]-sitting.

At about 7:30 everyone under the age of 8 went to bed. I took Sadie for a quick walk. Rushed home to watch the 2nd episode from the 2nd season of LOST.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Good Saturday

I got to sleep in today. As the Flaming Lips once said- "sleep in when you can". More and more that thought seems prudent.

Our guests were already out on their adventures by the time I got up. And Cara was getting ready to go do some of her errands. That left me with some much cherished me time. So I got a bunch of things done.

  • I bid on an ebay auction (with birthday money- this was the kind of auction where you get a great idea of what you're looking for and you happen to remember it when you have some time to surf and there happens to be an item that fits exactly what you're looking for and it ends that day! it all was meant to be)
  • I got our Melaleuca order in
  • updated this blog
  • changed my MySpace profile color
  • watched this week's eBaumsworld
  • posted a couple of things for sale on ebay (one has a bid already!)
  • and surfed my favorite forums
it was good

Leesha came home early. She and I played Battleship online and she kicked butt. It ended just about when it was going to her head.

Then we played Old Maid and Go Fish when everyone returned.

After Cara and Kristin got home we started thinking about going out to eat with the Koski's at an Indian restaurant. We met David and friends there and had a great dinner. Leesha was getting tired but she held it together.

Came home- Leesha to bed.

Played Settlers of Cattan

While the girls talked, us boys shared interesting internet sites:
and I won my auction!

nice day.

the only thing that was rather negative was that I found out that my friend Josh's girlfriend has been cheating on him. And he's taking it pretty hard. I feel so bad for the poor guy. If you read this, Schneidy- you are in my prayers.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday Nights are Nice

Our weeks have become quite busy, lately. And the fact that Cara is working full time subbing, now adds to the release of Friday evening. Leesha is off to dad's on Friday nights for the last few weeks. So its developing into our lets-not-plan-anything night.

So we had a small dinner and watched the last 3 episodes of LOST season 1 (Cara hadn't seen them yet and needs to before she sees the season 2 premiere).

Cara's friend from school, David, and his wife, Kristin, were coming to town tonight and they arrived haflway through the last episode. They came in and we talked till about half past midnight. When they went to bed, Cara and I finished the episode.

Having just seen the season 2 premiere, it was interesting seeing the last episodes again.

I love this show. I love how they ended the season with the scene of everyone boarding the plane. These creators have a real good sense of what I think is good tv.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

LOST... power ) :<

Wednesday, Robert came over to watch the season 2 premiere of LOST. We had a nice dinner and as Cara put Leesha to bed, Rob and I watched the season 1 recap episode. As it started, the sky got real dark and KSTP started cutting in with weather updates. With the weather picking up and Leesha getting freaked out all was getting frustrating. We put Leesha to bed downstairs, grabbed a couple of flashlights... and BLACK.

Power went out at 15 minutes to 8:00 pm.

Rob and I checked out the upstairs to make sure there wasn't too much damage while Cara read to Leesha by flashlight. We just talked for about 45 minutes in the dark. Rob finally went home and Cara and I went to bed.

about 10 minutes to 1 AM the power came back on. I started a download of the premiere episode and watched it the next day.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

We got a new car!

this is not our actual car, but its the same model, year, and color as ours.

manual trans and under 59,000 miles.
Eric and Keesha's Couple Shower

Showers are strange. I guess they're just an excuse to get more gifts. We hosted Eric's and Keesha's at our house. Fondu. After we ate we planned on playing games, but we ended up sitting around and talking instead.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Last Hot Day of the Year? I Think So!

Odd thing this morning.

Leesha was a pill last night because she was so tired. So we ended up putting her to bed without her devotional. She popped in this morning and woke us up. Why not do her devotional from last night now? So she read it, we read it again and we talked about it. That was fine, but then she wouldn't leave us alone, so we continued to talk about God and these questions came up:
What is the Holy Ghost? and
What is the Trinity?

Since Leesha was sick yesterday, she'd sit with us in Church (instead of expose other kids to whatever microbes that may still be on her- rather, just infect the nearest adults). Greg Boyd's message happened to be about the Holy Spirit and the Trinity! He actually asked the very same questions we discussed this morning. It was really weird. And amazing.

We went to Olive Garden for lunch with Keesha and Eric, Robert and Laura, Cara Leesha and me. Good time. Right after that we were going to Craig and Tracy's with a quick stop at a comic book shop (see, Leesha was very well behaved in church and I wanted to treat her with a new comic), but the shop was closed.

Even though it was possibly the last 90 degree day of the year, we took a walk to a park. uuuhhhh. I don't like humidity and heat. We all returned home and had a nice dinner.

As soon as we got home I popped a sleeping pill because I'd have to be at work at 4AM tomorrow. Boom, I was out pretty hard.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


It was almost too perfect.
Leesha had a strange accident. Apparently, she wasn't feeling good. Wasn't feeling good in a You're-Sliding-Into-First-And-You're-Feeling-Something-Burst way.
Cara went to the grocery store so Leesha and I were playing games on the internet when she says she needs to go to the potty and runs off. She took more time than I'd expect but didn't think much of it. Cara came home and I heard voices. I hear Leesha's voice is upset and I go up to see what kind of trouble she may be in and if I'd need to back Cara up. I mis-read the trauma. Asked Leesha what was wrong and she exclaims between sobs "I pooped in my pants!". Hold it together, Jeffry! Keep a strait face. She was embarrassed and scared (water-poop is not normal, man!) and clogged the toilet, so she was very upset. But crisis passed and everything got cleaned up and calmed down.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Crazy Day

Start the day running, I'd say. Last night, during the 5pm, my manager comes up to me and tells me to write a work order for this morning as soon as we find out what time they want it. That was last night!

On my way into the building, the same manager catches me and says I need to get to the Fair grounds building, first thing!, and pick up some banners.

Here we are, and no one knows what time still, they're asking me! So I write it for 'sometime AM' and hand out the work orders. See, we have a rule- no work order, no do it. all because of a select few (Hammer, Rusty, I'm looking in your direction).

After that I spent all day getting Studio B ready for a special broadcast on 5 that airs live tonight. They had to cover my camera during Midday so I could light. I did do stills for At Issue, but then left it for them while I returned to lighting.

I returned to stills for the 5pm and did do prompter for 5pm and at that point I think lighting was good. But after the 5, Sarah had me on a special Billboard.

Yeah, this post means nothing to most readers, but it does illustrate that it was a very busy day.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

So I went and bought it.
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
I love this show. I think Cara is getting hooked even though she tries to deny it.
Fair Feedback

So here's what our director out at the Fair had to say:
Hey Gang... Once again we survived the Pronto Pups and Cheese Curds and had another great Fair. With the added excitement of the Key Wall I think it was our best Fair yet.
Thanks for all the hard work and hustle...we got a little soggy on the last day, but that didn't damped your spirit or talent.
The crowds were as good as ever...special thanks to Jeffry for getting them fired up and with the addition of the Water Bottles fun was had by all.
So...I'll see you same place...same time next year. Thanks again.

Tom Smith
TV Operations


thanks Tom

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

VGD show #1

As this day started, Vikings Game Day looked kind of grim. It seemed like a huge, not well thought out, project.

We were supposed to have new chairs for the new set, but they weren't around- someone dropped the ball on that one and everyone at the Mall turned to me to fix it. The At Issue chairs that we used at the Fair were brought down to the Mall for substitutes, but we needed 4 and only had 3. Good times.

We also were missing 8 strips that attach banners to banner frames. Again, everyone turned to me for answer. So I opted to return to the station to get the last chair and the adhesive strips. Robyn went with me. We made it fun, listening to the Cure (cause it was overcast). At the station, we found that someone else had also dropped the ball on the adhesive strip thing. All these issues that I suddenly had to resolve- created by others. Good times.

They sent Robyn and me to the store that supplies us with those things. We spent too much time there trying to explain what we want only to find that they hadn't any. I placed an order for them without any authorization to do so, but figured it wouldn't be that big of a deal since each item we were after cost $.12 each. Good times.

When we got back we found a metal wall with a outside-cafe-looking print on it. Guess what, we need to use this for a segment of our show. A wall. There were no supports or stands for this wall. But we used it. A couple of Vikings employees actually stood behind it holding it up while we shot the segment! Good times.

However, as every piece came together and was decided upon, the show really took a solid form. We have a lot of new elements in the show this year: new host- Rod Simons, new co-host- Rich Gannon, and new producers. The only on-air thing that is familiar is Lea B Olson.
Once the show took off we rocked. Everything started to fall into it's right and familiar place.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Daniel Chapter 6

We had small group tonight. Daniel chapter 6 is the story about Daniel and the Lion's Den. I guess I never knew that the King, King Darius was kind of on Daniel's side in that story.

Robert gave me a Best Buy gift card as well as a computer game he downloaded. Its a Traveller-like game, he says. We'll see if I find time to play it. I'm very tempted to buy the LOST season 1 DVD set with this card.

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today was Leesha's first day in 2nd Grade

Sunday, September 04, 2005

day off more than expected

We went to Target to get me some glasses, they won't be in for 10 days.
After we get back home, Stew comes in and shortley there after, Dan Kidney arrives. Then Eric.

We cooked food on the grill and ate outside.
We watched Triggerhappy.
We played Settlers - Cara won!

Everyone left, I drove Eric to Keesha's with his new/old transmission

Cara was apologetic because there was a lot going on today. It was a good day.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

last day at the fair

after 5 full 12 hour days in a row, it was golden to sleep in for a while. Took my time getting ready, and played Battleship online with Leesha before her dad picked her up.

Cara and I went to Uptwon Bar to meet Greg and Mandy, Jutton, David and Eric. Cara gave me From Russia with Love and Goldfinger DVDs. Greg and Mandy gave me Justice League cartoon DVDs. Jutton gave me a gift certificate for Dream Haven bookstore. My family and friends love me.

Friday, September 02, 2005

happy birthday to me

when I got upstairs this morning, there were a pile of cards for me to open.

Last full day at the MN State Fair. During lunch, I helped with At Issue at the station. Took the 3 o'clock shuttle with the At Issue set chairs immediately after they were finished.

Cara, Leesha and Eric and Keesha came out to the Fair around 3 :30 or 4 and wondered around. They came back to our booth to watch the 6pm. The 6pm was THE WORST SHOW of the entire '05 MN Fair broadcasts. In the A block Todd Baer's sat feed wasn't ready and in the B block, Joe missed about 3 pages and jumped ahead of everyone. It was horrible. They did turn camera 3 on me and acknowledge my birthday on air. Too bad it was in that show.

After the 6 and everything was torn down and put away, I joined my clan to wonder the fair. We went to the cow barn, the milk barn up to Heritage Square and rode the skyride to find fried green tomatoes. It was fun, but very very tiring having worked 12 hours already.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Day 5 of the MN State Fair

Not as much from the fair, more from the station due to Hurricain Katrina. So during Midday some of the blocks were totally from the station, we were trying to entertain our crowd by throwing water bottles for them. I ended up beaming an old lady in the head. My new nickname is Ladykiller. We had a old school country band as our Midday musical guest. They were pretty good. At least we didn't Wright Brothers them.

I did go back to the station for lunch, but I took an earlier shuttle back with a wood staircase. Swifty picked me up in a cart and we took the long way back, driving all over the fair. We had to stop about 3 times for the same parade.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Good Day

Everything fell into place quite well, today, inspite of finding out two days ago that I work this evening even though the schedule says I'm not.

I got to sleep in
had a great breakfast
played LIFE with Leesha and Cara
not too hot at the MN Sate Fair
5pm went well
6pm went amazingly well
got home and watched new DVD.

very good day.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Great Minnesota Get Together's Eve
Today was all about getting ready for the MN Sate Fair. Me 'n Zach had the job of first making enough room on the deck to light a new chroma key wall in and among the engineers.

This whole key wall thing was Dave Dahl's idea, I've heard. He won't even be there for it. He fell off his Harley and broke his collerbone and scraped off his new tattoo! (I made up the part about scraping off his tattoo. He really does have a new one from Stirgess, but I made up the part about scraping it off)

I had to leave our stuff out for them to put away for me because I was also scheduled to work on the 5pm Newscast. Little overbooked. Lot of work today, won't have any difficulty sleeping tonight.

song - Summer Breeze - Seales and Croft or Type-O-Negative

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Retro-Updating My Blog.
Here's what that means:
I've had a total of three web logs. The first was an MSN community page that I kind of loosley made myself. While that site was cranking along, James Touchi Peters created which was a competitor of the MSN communities and included a web log feature. So I ceased using the non-existant blog tools at MSN for the conk site only to find that I didn't really care for it. But that initiated a search for a real blog server that I would like. That lead to the creation of this site. So in the end, my web log was spread out over three different sites. Today I started to cut n paste the old entries into this blog so they'd all be in one web location.

This has also inspired me to try to write something here every day- no matter how boring.

Paint the Weather Wall
My first mission today was to paint the new chroma key wall out at the Fair. I was to put the first layer of primer and than go on in to work. So thats what I did. To my suprise, the primer was already on as well as the first coat of chroma key green! So I applied the 2nd coat and then went on in to work to help out with the midday show.

After lunch, Ahmed and I went back out to apply a 2nd coat. We took Schmitty out with us and brought Kevin Knapp back with us. Kevin was very pissed, because with some communication snafu he had been stuck out at the fair for something like 2 hours longer than he planned. I sinfully took joy in his anger.

Daniel chapter 5, oh wait, Bocce!
for small group, tonight, we had a social night instead of studying the book of Daniel (which is what I emailed as the agenda ^_^). We played bocce ball. Leesha got to stay up (which isn't always a great idea) and she was on my team. Eric and Laura Beth beat us all out. Leesha had a meltdown at about 8:30 which was, as Cara pointed out to me, about the time she usually does when she gets to stay up later.

song - I had a song from Sunday's worship service in my head all day, but I don't recall it now!

did you know that you will NOT hear any promo for KSTP speak the word "channel" as in "Channel 5". It is strictly "5 Eyewitness News!"

Saturday, August 13, 2005

we had a garage sale today

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Bobo and Laura got married today

Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Path of Geekdom Observed

I started a series called Honor Harrington. Its an interesting chain back to how I got into this book.

It all started back in High School when I bought a box of the original edition of GDW's Twilight 2000 rpg from Pegasus Games in Madison Wisconsin with Terry Treleven. This formed an appreciation for quality games with more realistic rules. After playing a couple of games in study hall, the game kind of petered out and remained on my shelf for several years.

Fast forward a decade...

In 2003, T2K resurfaces due to reprints of GDW's catalog. Last year I scored a copy of the reprints and read it often at work (during the Midday newscast). Living with Lord Bobo, I had access to many different rpg books- including the reprints of another GDW game called TRAVELLER.

Having recently submerged myself deep into the world of Firefly, I've checked out alot of web sites and there has been a lot of speculation that Joss Wedon was a fan of Traveller because the 'Verse of Firefly has a similar feel to it. Dreaming about a Firefly rpg (which does happen to be in the works, officially) and being familiar with GDW I made the plunge in to Traveller with Bobo's copy of the reprints.

There is a lot of similarity, naturally, between the writing of T2K and Traveller. It was easy to get into it. The premise of Traveller is a hard science space opera. Your characters usually are retired military types out trying to make a living. Getting into this game, I lurked some of the forums and found a lot of people talking about Honor Harrington. That sent me on a search for what it was all about. Everyone who has read these books say how wonderful they are, so I thought I'd check it out for myself.

and now I find my self fast approaching the middle of the first book- Honor Harrington: On Basilisk Station and here I am, writing about how good it is. Full circle.

music - Seven Nation Army - White Stripes nothing to do with Honor Harrington. Just really enjoying the Stripes right now.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

It was so hot today that my rearview mirror fell off!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Leesha and I saved a frog's life today. We named him Ferdinand.

I got my internet access!

Thursday, July 07, 2005


I didn't see any news untill I came in to work. Thats when I heard about the London Bombing. The first thing about it was how familiar it seemed to me. I thought I had just seen this or read this somewhere or something.

Actually, what it was, was this was almost exactly how the Queen & Country novel started which I finished two days ago. Kind of freaked me out.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

got a speeding ticket

watched Superfly at work for work

Saturday, July 02, 2005

dropped my new mom and dad off at airport.
Leesha was unbelievably difficult- tired and emotional.
met Leesha's dad at BestBuy in Bloomington to drop her off.
Got home and napped.
Got up, went to church.
Went to Batman Begins
Went to Big V's to see BJ
went home. to bed

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Howl's Moving Castle

I hadn't seen Jutton for almost a year other than at our wedding. He's been on and of the boards, but hanging out with him wasn't happening. I guess the last time we saw each other was last fall when I'd be at the MOA working on Vikings Game Day and he'd be working at there as well.

Well, the latest film from one of our mutual favorite anime film makers, Hayao Miyazaki, is out in theaters and what a perfect way for us to reconnect- Ruby Tuesday's and anime.

We went to see Howl's Moving Castle. Very cool movie, we both agreed. However, we felt the ending was a bit too cliche. Still worthy of a purchase, perhaps. Miyazaki's other films include: Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Nausicaa- of the Valley of Wind, etc.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Back Home (for the first time)

Today we came home from our honeymoon. But this is the very first time its home for me. Since 2003, I've moved every year and it looks like it won't end in the near future.

I have boxes full of stuff everywhere still.

Our honeymoon was so relaxing. We stayed at Cara's (and I guess mine, too, now) Uncle and Aunt's cabin in Wisconsin. The idea was to stay somewhere where we wouldn't feel like we'd want to do all the touristy things instead of spend time with each other. Mission accomplished! There is absolutly nothing touristy about Grantsburg, Weber, or Siren WI!

Leesha and the Mackys (Cara's sister's family- Caryn, Cameron, Caspian and Calyn) came up to join us Thursday and Today. It was nice to have time with just them.

music - Alison Krauss and the Union Station

Saturday, June 11, 2005


All my life I've been worried that I wouldn't sleep at all the night before my wedding. I got more sleep than I usually do! I snuck out to get some Burgerking breakfast and ate it before Bobo came home. There was nothing left in my room except for the clothes I was to be married in and my bed.

First thing that happens after I get ready to go is Greg and Mandy pick me up with Mom and Dad in tow in the their car. We then head down to Como Park and meet Chloe for photos. Once there it is discovered that we were supposed to pick Cara up! She got a ride with her folks (and that made for some really nice and more real photos- the ones where I first see my bride that day).

We took all sorts of combos with different family members. Chloe was great. She took color photos and her assistant took black and white. Overcast lighting was perfect. We took some photos down at the docks when it started to rain. We made our way to the church while it rained pretty hard.

Bobo and Eric were setting up tables in the church basement when we arrived. I told them not set up too much because I had faith that we were going to be at the park for the reception. They'd be glad to stop, but the wedding coordinator cracked her whip at them.

Before we knew it, we were in the middle of the ceremony. For the last few weeks I was in a lets-get-this-over-with mode, but I realized somewhere in the middle of the ceremony that this was really fun, and everyone there seemed to be having a good time as well. I didn't expect that the wedding would be fun. Don't know why not, just thought it was a major hassle.

And then the ceremony was over! My dad had the idea that we should give everyone some time to arrive at the reception. So Greg and Mandy took us to Maplewood to let Eddie and Cogswell out for a bit. My aunt Cele went with us (because she is a dog lover- Cogs and Eddie are Boston Terriers, btw).

When we finally did arrive, everyone was very suspicious of where we went. Nasty rumors had spread. Oh well. The reception was a lot of fun. Its strange having co-workers in line for pot-luck along side with family I haven't seen for quite some time. Worlds were colliding.
Eric and others convinced us we should dance. We finished off the already playing Promise from When in Rome immediately followed by Depeche Mode's Somebody (which I've always thought would be a good song at a wedding). We were quite aware that everyone was watching us dance. Just like at the FOCUS Gala. Then my mom and I danced to Forever Young by Alphaville (which goes way back for us Willis'. My mom has burned copies of Alphaville disks. Probably not many moms in the US with those, huh).

Things wrapped up rather quickly. We got to our hotel before sundown and checked in as Mr. and Mrs. Willis.

music - Pachebel's Canon in D, The Promise by When in Rome, Somebody by Depeche Mode, Forever Young by Alphaville pretty much sums up the wedding festivities.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Wedding Rehearsal

We had to move our rehearsal to the morning because the pastor that was marrying us had his daughter's graduation party that evening. Everyone gathered for a late breakfast first at IHOP. Thank God they had a separated room, because our clan was quite loud.
From there and it was pretty strait forward. Everyone made their way to the church. We met Kevin, the pastor, and went through the ceremony. Tweaked out some of the music details. This was the first time I met our musician in person- tangent:

We had two people commit to doing the music for our wedding and then back out. I was ready to make a mix CD and go with that. But then I felt we really should have a live person playing. So Cara gave me a woman's name from her old church. I contacted her a week and a half ago and have been contacting through email ever since. Awesome lady.

After the rehearsal, I went home and packed the last of my stuff and ran it over to Cara's house and it was torrential rain. Once that was finished, me and a keg of rootbeer went to the park where we where having our family and out-of-town people pizza gathering. We had a good evening of getting to know all these new people. At one point, Aaron, who is just over two years old, was playing with the keg just as a police officer rolls into the parking lot to check things out. I'm sure he was wondering what that was all about. His dad went down to explain that it was just rootbeer.
Not long after dark everyone went their own way and I took Cara home. We took a walk down to the lake and sat on the dock. These were our last moments together not wed to each other.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Stag Party!

here's how it went down:

  • 1pm Uptown Bar & Cafe for gyro omelets

We all met at the Uptown. Bobo and I arrived to see Schneidy waiting outside. Schepp and Greg and Eric arrived not long after that. I think we all ordered gyro omelets.

  • 2:30 Bobo's house for Settlers of Catan

Curtis Mayrand was going to join us at Bobo's so as we waited, we went through the entire catalog of GI Joe PSAs from FenslerFilms. Its definitely better to watch those in a group. They seem to never get old. As soon as Curtis arrived, we watched a fan made Star Wars movie.

We then started up a game of Settlers of Catan. 6 player game at max and we had 7, so Bobo bowed out and did email things while we played. After he got bored he started to help Schepp and in the end they won.

  • 9:pm Jutton's house

We stopped at the gas station for food and headed off to Jutton's house. Greg and I played Halo with a bunch of people online, which was fun. We sat around and shot the shyte.

Curtis and I got into a debate about why the new Star Wars movies were so bad and how Lucas ruined the whole thing. Somewhere in the middle of it, Curtis, in his drunken logic, was arguing that Lando Calrissian wasn't a black guy, but a Hispanic!

We finished the night with the Chappell show DVD. I wasn't all that impressed, but I did enjoy the Charlie Murphy stories. "Darkness!"

  • 3am back home

We got back to Bobo's and everyone left dispersed in their respective cars. I wasn't comfortable letting Curtis drive home. So I offered to drive him home and have Bobo follow in his truck. So, thats what we did.

Renade was still up when we got there. We got a small tour of the house and even looked at the back yard. Curtis felt bad for us giving him a ride and wanted to make it up to us by offering us a beer or a piece of cake. We settled for juice boxes. As we were saying goodbye near the front door I felt something on my neck. Picked it off and flung it down in front of the fish tank. It was an inch worm! Curtis instantly picked it up and dropped it into the tank and all four of us gathered around to see the fate of this worm. The worm was freaking out and the fish were circling the worm. It looked like the fish were about to strike when all of a sudden the fishtank lights went out because of a set timer! It was perfect and hilarious!

music - Where is My Mind? - Pixies on the way to Curtis's house just after 3am, reminiscent of our Comicbook convention trip.

Friday, May 27, 2005


Tonight, Cara and I went to a concert. The music was from our friend, Greg Wollan. He is one of the cornerstones to our church's worship team and an amazing musician, at that. The show was at the Roseville Northwestern book store, kind of jammed in around one of the entrances. We snuck in not long after they started playing and eventually he noticed us, because he dedicated a song to Cara and I being married next month. The song he dedicated to us is called Glorybound and its the song that kind of initiated Greg and I talking as friends.

I first heard the song at a small group leadership retreat, last year. After the service that he played it in I went up to him to tell him how much I liked that song. We kind of started talking after that. Found out he is a 10cc fan! He has a show at the Church of the Open Door on June 17th and Cara and I will probably be going to that one.

music - obviously its Greg Wollan, but, I've found another song of his that I just love- Why So Downcast? Awesome song!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Covenant Relationships

I became a member of Woodland Hills today. Probably about a year ago, I took a class at church called Discovering Woodland Hills with the intention of becoming a member of the church. That class was designed for people who were new to the church (which I wasn't then). The next step was to take a class called Discovering Covenant Relationships. Very cool class, btw.

Tonight, there was a membership meeting (my first) where we got to hear about the annual finances of the church. The meeting was done with videos, mainly, which were very very well done.

After the meeting, Cara, Eric and I went to Applebees for dinner. Good times.

After four years of attending Woodland Hills, I'm finally a member.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Called in sick today

I've fallen into a strange pattern. I think that Monday nights often are restless for me. This one in particular was bad. Robert took me out for dinner, but we went too late and I ordered a greasy breakfast. So, after going to bed, I actually just laid in bed and worried about wedding plans and the Bible study till about 5am when the breakfast finally decided to come up and out. I called in sick and slept most of the day.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Family Invasion

Cara's parents are in town. Her dad arrived today and her mom has been here since Wednesday. Before her mom arrived, Cara had been busy moving her stuff downstairs, making what was the guest bedroom into her room. And moving Leesha's stuff into what was her bedroom so that she can transform what was Leesha's room back into her parents master bedroom. Leesha was very excited about getting a new room and she moved in fast. Meanwhile, I've been bringing my stuff over from my current house. I imagine Cara is feeling like her living space is being invaded.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

What... The... Heck!!??!

Ran into Natalie today!

Cara and I were moving furniture from room to room and going into the evening. We finally went to get groceries at Target down the street. On the way, at a stop light, a truck next to us honks and lurches forward to parallel with us- it was Natalie and her family! They happened to be going to Target as well. So we all met up in the toy section (Leesha wanted to spend her $4.20 in dimes) and introduced and got caught up.

The strange thing is Natalie and Todd and family don't live anywhere near this area and were just killing time after going to a skate park down the street. If we had left any later or earlier, we would've totally missed them!

Makes you wonder how many other times and places we just missed each other like that...

music - LUSH

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I'm Your DJ Now, Princey!!!

Last night I woke up from a nightmare. This is the first time in many many years that a dream so freaky actually woke me up. Trying to describe it now certainly doesn't do it justice, but it had something to do with a serial killer setting up their victims to be found as they die- holding their own throats. The dream was left unresolved and I woke up in shivers. As unpleasant as that was, it was kind of a thrill.

music - various mix cds

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Dog Walk

I tried organizing people for this Walk for Animals event, but no one wanted to go, except for Cara. So we went by ourselves. Screw them. We had a great time. This is an annual event where people walk their pet to raise money. I've been to this once before- like 6 years ago and loved it. This happened to be the next year I was able to go. We asked a lot of people about their dogs. Sat and let some of them come up to us for a quick petting-stop. Dog-people are really friendly. There are so many different breeds out there. And the breeds are so very different from one another. We even saw some very nervous cats.

I saw one person I knew- Kathy, one of the people I went to this the first time with, but that time there was about 12 of us. And Cara recognized a couple who was in the same pre-engagement class we were in. I have no idea how she recognized them, but it was pretty cool. They didn't have a pet, like us, and were glad to see they weren't the only ones.

I think I got my dog fix for a while.

music - The Cure (because it was a wonderfully overcast day)

Monday, April 25, 2005

The Longest Day

I passed out last night shortly after getting home. This lighting project is exhausting. Woke up around 11pm and went back to bed around 2am.

4:20AM Perry calls me at home- "Trish called in sick! Can you come in early?"

So I roll into work around 5:30AM.

Around 8:15 Jason from 45 comes down and asks if I'm ready to go! So I tell him why I really can't go with him on the 45 shoot and he sort of freaks out. (I was scheduled for promo shoot. but lighting wasn't finished. Monica and I decided that I needed to stay and work on lighting.) I felt bad. Hoped he wasn't really pissed at me.

Burned out on Monday- already!

passed out at home, woke up around 11:30 pm.

there was poop on the operations table, though.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Chutes and Ladders... only without the Chutes, but lots of lights instead!

I haven't had a day off since one week ago and I won't until this Saturday! This weekend was the annual lighting weekend with our lighting consultant, Dan. So Seth (the new guy) and I were scheduled to do the lights with Dan.

The begining of our lighting project looked bleak.
  • Our brand new board was shipped without a power supply and Dan (who was already on the phone, trying to find one in town for us) said one wouldn't be here until Monday afternoon.
  • Months ago, Monica had me do a tally on the amount of fluoresent bulbs we had on hand for this task. She told me to find out how many we needed total and then figure out how many we had on hand and she would order the difference. Turns out Dan wanted the whole amount ordered.
  • We were also going to adjust all the lights in the studio. Its amazing how many lights burn out just before Dan gets here every few months. We were desperatly short on the bulbs we needed. The order had gone out but the shipment hadn't arrived yet. So we were short several bulbs. Monica has scheduled me to be out on a shoot for 45 on Monday. It became clear Sunday evening that we weren't going to be finished, that we would need to do more on Monday, so I called Monica and she agreed that I should be at the station.
  • A guy from Engineering (who is very difficult to work with) set up the prompter area how he interpreted the instruction- not how one would set it up logically. Its probably going to be left that way until he has settled down and isn't so mad about the project before its fixed.

One really cool thing did happen, however. We started later today so Dan and I could go to church. Since Dan is from D.C. and just wanted to go to any church, I invited him to mine! And he went!

All this work means not much Cara :(

music - The Long Walk Home - Peter Gabriel (soundtrack to Rabbit Proof Fence)

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Where there's a Willis... There Will Be More Willis'

This morning Greg and I met with our uncle Mike and aunt Mary. They stayed the night in the Twin Cities on their way up to a retreat in Alexandria. Last they knew of either of our whereabouts was Brooklyn Center, where Greg moved in with Mandy when they were married. Just so happens that they stayed the night almost directly half way between Greg and I. I guess it took them an hour and a half to find our phone numbers with their old hotel directory (they had us listed in Bloomington- hah! that was ages ago). And finally called us. Great timing, too. I wasn't home too many nights this week and the happen to call when I was- and not long after I got up from a nap.
It was nice to visit with them.

music - Ayreon ( I think I need to give this album a break)

Friday, April 08, 2005

Settlers and Testimonies

Cara and I visited Greg and Mandy tonight. We meeting at sports bar for a nice dinner (I have to say, though I don't agree with it, I do enjoy the smoking ban). While Cara and I were waiting outside with our pager, I held one of the doors open with the host. She gave me greeting tips as we discussed the good and bad about the ban. Greg and Mandy arrived shortly after the paged us in. We had a nice dinner and when we ordered dessert, the staff gave it to us because of all the help I gave them hosting at the door.

After getting in the house and greeting the nice guys we fired up the VCR (which hadn't been used for quite some time) and popped in a video tape my dad sent us to view. The tape was of my dad's testimony he shared in front of their church (it might have something to do with his nomination for church-elder). We watched and it was very nice. My dad is a public speaker. The strange thing is, I've had very few opportunities to see him doing what he is so good at. Seeing him with his speaking mannerisms, I wonder if those of us who know him so well benefit from our relationship with him when subconsciously receiving the body language. With all that mixed with the topic of his talk and the fact that it was just nice to see him- I'm still not sure how I feel about the tape. It was a much higher emotional experience than I expected.

After we finished the tape and talked about it we set up for a Settlers of Catan game. The game went really long, maybe the longest Catan game I've played yet. Mandy was leading everyone and the rest of us kind of plotted against her which bought Greg and I time to be competitive. Poor Cara fell behind because she was the main force competing with Mandy. In the end Greg won- he went before me in the turn and if he hadn't won, I had enough points to win. BLAST! But it was fun.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

April Fools Eve

Tonight, Steph and I did a practical joke on our senior pastor. This is quite a nerve wracking task to be in on.

Steph is a friend from Woodland Hills who leads a small group like Cara and I do. I've gotten to know her through different church singles events and retreats and what-nots. I also got to know her improv and acting ability.

About two weeks ago, an associate pastor from my church called me with a plan. He asked if I was interested in helping out with a huge practical joke on Dr. Greg Boyd.

The setting was Boyd was going to go to a bar on the first day of the smoking ban and smoke a fat stogy with a couple of other pastors- just to do it (in St. Paul, establishments that make 70% or more on alcohol can apply for an exemption from the ban, their boys night out was obviously in St. Paul). The joke was to have a media crew come up to him and start asking questions about the ban, and once he was on the hook, start to get into some very controversial topics that would just make him squirm. My media connections made me a prime candidate and Stephanie was the first person I thought of for an assailant. I'd be the camera man, she would ask the questions as the reporter.

The caper went down beautifully. Steph led right in, he protested. Greg was getting upset that this reporter wouldn't leave him/them alone and Steph kept pushing. The other two pastors were totally in on it with us and urged him on till he finally started to share his opinion about the ban. She asked him what kind of work he was in and he answered honestly (which was a funny image. Greg telling the media he was a pastor sitting in a bar with a fat cigar in his hand). From that point Steph started asking more direct and controversial questions that have landed Boyd in trouble before- like about abortion. He still didn't catch on. So she finally asked "what is your opinion on April Fools day?" and he realized.

Just then the other pastors came out of the back and everyone was laughing at how well it went. Greg was duped pretty well. We got him.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Coast to Coast on the Way to Work

This has been a strange week pretty much only because my work schedule is giving me jet lag. I've been on the morning shift all week. 4am to 1pm. All week. My sleep pattern has been fish-tailing inspite of seemingly getting enough each 24 hour period.

Today, after work, Cara and I went to apply for our marriage license! What a simple little task it turned out to be.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Green Light from Before You Say "I Might"

Bobo asked Laura to be his wife in October last year and she said yes. I asked Cara the day after Thanksgiving and Cara said yes. The last couple remain- Eric and Keesha. We all knew Keesha had a communication system with Eric about him asking her to marry him. She wasn't ready and would give him a green light when she was. And he wasn't to ask her until he got the green.
So for weeks we've been praying for him and her to get this green light.

Today he received it.

He got a package in the mail with several printouts of different types of engagement rings from different websites and on the front was a note written on a very bright green post-it. It seems hard to mistake what the message is here. So, congratulations to Eric. Now it will be neat to see how he asks her.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Black Friday

It was not a fun day at work today. There were layoffs. For some time everyone was talking about them under their breath, we seem to know they were coming. Everyone heard they were coming on Monday. But then there was an article about it in the Star Tribune and the Hubbards had to do them earlier.

The production department wasn't hit very hard. Losing one director- Kathy. I heard she found out right away and left immediately after. I feel bad for her. I'm not completely surprised she was let go, she wasn't very good with change and she worked slowly. Its just that she's been working here for over twenty years and, not being good with change, I don't imagine she's taking it well.

Another big change for the production department was for Monica. She gained a whole lot more responsibility- our department was merged with Master Control and renamed Operations. So now she is responsible for twice as many time cards and schedules.

It was not a fun day.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

South Dakota and Compatibility

This weekend was all about a road trip to Beresford, South Dakota, for a wedding of David, a friend of Cara's. There is nothing in Beresford. Beresford is what exists when you exit off the highway. It was a few roads intersecting between farmland. Out in the middle of one of the fields was an hot old church. It was a nice wedding- David and Kristin.

Our trip there and back again was pretty good. We've found, once again, that Cara and I are quite compatible. We listened to alot of music, talked about our wedding plans, and just talked with each other about anything. I am looking forward to being married to this girl.

music - lets do a list:

  • Life Aquatic soundtrack
  • Air - Talkie Walkie
  • Beatles - Abbey Road
  • Cure - Staring at the Sea
  • Loretta Lynn - Van Lear Rose
  • INXS - Kick
  • Donovan - Greatest Hits
  • Kula Shaker - K
  • Pink Floyd - Final Cut
  • Genesis - Invisible Touch

Friday, March 04, 2005

12:30 on a Friday Morning

This may be the most frustrating night of my life. It is the night after one of the longest days of work I've experienced at KSTP, not the first time I've pulled a double shift, but one the few. One would think you'd have no problem finding sleep after a day like that, but one could be wrong about that, as well. As you can see by this post, I was wrong.

I can't believe I'm still awake. I have to be at work in 3 and a half hours and I haven't slept for 21 hours. I simply cannot stop my mind. Every single time I feel sleep creeping over me, my mind pushes it away with some thought about work tomorrow. I can't stand this!

We'll see if George Noory will be boring enough to induce sleep. Please George, you're my only hope.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Last Jay Day

Today was the last day Jay will work at KSTP. He put his two week notice in about three weeks ago and the time has come. His leaving will result in some major changes in the production department- probably more change than anyone else could have created leaving.

Good luck, Jay. Thank you for your knowledge and friendship.
he left us with this:

Dear Friends,
It has been a good 8 year run for me. I want to thank all of you for teaching this farm boy what it means to be part of the news business and giving me the chance to challenge myself. I will miss all the people that I have grown to know and care so much about. Good luck in the future. I'll be watching from Winona.
Jay Asfeld
Production Assistant
p.s. I wonder what being able to sleep past 2:30am will feel like?

Jay will be missed here.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

All the Young Dudes Carry the News

Today was breaking news day. First we heard stuff about a robbery in Bloomington, then there was an Amber Alert, next was Randy Moss being traded and all hell broke loose with a St. Paul Police Officer getting shot. The energy in the News Room was crackling. Toss all scripts, we're winging it folks! Tempers flair and voices compete. I love this type of newsroom energy.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

No TV, Music, Water or Bathroom!

This was a great weekend. Eric, Keesha, Cara and I went up to Keesha's family's cabin and had lazy, cold, roughin'-it weekend. Friday morning I was all packed to go after work. Picked up Cara and we headed off into the Wisconsin north woods. We were supposed to meet Keesha's brother at an intersection and he wasn't there. Just on the edge of cel phone reception, he told us his truck was in the ditch. We found him and gave him a ride to the cabin. From there the boys (Eric, me, Taylor- Keesha's brother, and Bob- Keesha's dad) went back to the truck to get it out. After a greater part of an hour or two we got the truch off the snow back and back on the road (with the help of my bick rack of all things). After we got back to the cabin and sent Bob and Taylor off, it was well into Saturday morning- middle of the night. The cabin was never truly warm. We had a good time anyways. Cooking, playing Settlers and other games and just cuddling to be warm. Two nights without water, electricity, tv, music, etc. It was very relaxing. This morning we had breakfast, launched Eric's rocket off the river (got stuck in a tree) and played a game of settlers, then packed and went home.

music - we didn't have music, but Dreadlock Holiday from 10cc was running through my head quite a bit.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Home, 694, Church, Disco and Polyester

This has been a busy weekend. I figured out that after leaving work on Friday till getting home this afternoon, I have driven between my house and church a total of eight times this weekend. And to think the first nine years of my ten year stay here in Minnesota I may have been able to count the amount of times I drove on 694 on both hands.

Friday night I stopped by the church to finish a video shoot. There is going to be a ministry spotlight on the FOCUS ministry- that is Woodland Hills' singles group (obsolete for some of us, now, isn't it?). They needed some ideas for the video promo for the spotlight and came to me. Well, when you come up with ideas that people like, sometimes you become the idea and I was casted for one of those ideas. We shot it on monday night and finished some of it Friday night. It was in and out- quick and in ten minutes I was on my way to Cara's for dinner and to finish the Firefly series.

Yesterday I was at church to attend the Discover Covenant Relationships class to become a member of the church. I wasn't looking forward to it at all and was going to go through the motions, but the class is lead by Paul Eddy and his teachings turned out to be incredibly interesting. I even sat with him at lunch and asked him a bunch of questions. I also shamelessly promoted our small group to a couple of couples who were also at the class.

Lastnight Cara hosted a 70s themed party. That was pretty fun dressing up in horrible clothes and listening to funk and disco.

Cara and I were supposed to meet with Kevin Johnson today to talk about wedding plans, but he canceled because of the stomach flu. We did see Greg Wollan and received the CDs he was selling me. His music is very good. I've been on a huge 10cc kick and it turns out he loves that band maybe as much as my brother and I do.

music - Reds in My Bed 10cc

Monday, January 24, 2005

Most Depressing Day of the Year?

I update this site on what scientists have said is the most depressing day of the year. And that might hold true for me today. I was scheduled to work the morning shift today (3:30 am to 2pm) but about half way through the morning show, I got sick. I spent about 45 minutes in the bathroom throwing up my guts. So as soon as I finished the last wave I bolted to the studio to tell Trish and Jay, "hey, I'm puking here, I'm going to go home." and they were fine with that. I made it home (with only one pull over to dry heave) and just stayed still in my bed.

8:30 am the construction crew arrived to work on the fireplace (remember the fire last month?) so I was laying there in half sleep.

its 5:04 as I write this and the dry heave out the car was the last wave but I feel very week and my stomach is a tiny knot. I've been eating crackers and water for the last hour, played Settlers of Catan online against a DragonLance author listening to BeeGees, Queen, Shins, Cowyboy Bebop, etc.

sorry if this is incoherent, I'm a bit out of it. I think the workers are going to leave soon.


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