Thursday, November 11, 2004

Veteran's Day/Viking Game Day (or Viking's LowLight Night Special)

I had a bunch of things I was going to send out in the mail from eBay and didn't realize it was Veteran's Day. D'oh! Thats fine, they get their day. Thank you, to all the vets who ever read this board, for your service.

Arafat died today and the media is making it seem like a wonderful and great man has passed away. Was I wrong with the impression this guy was out to wipe out the Jews? What is wonderful and great about that?

Viking Game Day started off like they all have. Played a couple of games of 4 way chess with 3 guys. Around 4pm is when things start to go wrong. Something is wrong with the lights. They can't seem to get them all working at once (They, being the lighting company that was hired to light Game Day). Something has changed. For the next 2 hours the guy is running around sweating his head off trying to figure out what was wrong. Our time is ticking away and we need to do something. We start running power cables for our own little light kits each photog has with them and get to work just throwing light around. Meanwhile, the lighting guy is still messing with his thing and all this power is overloading the breakers. All of a sudden, with a pop, we lose all audio power. Get the power back on and it happens again! Its the light guy, messing with things. Finally we get him to stop and he just leaves. We do the show with our little kits and it looks alright. Just not fun. What else could go wrong? Well, we had a heckler in the audience and it happened to be a lit up Viet Nam vet! I swooped in on him and asked him to be quiet and soon a security guard talks to him so I leave since the situation was cooled off. The guy was fine after that, just giving anyone with eye contact the thumbs up and peace signs. I felt bad for the dude.

Cara and Leesha came to watch the show. I don't think they made it in any bump shots because they were sitting in an unlit area and lit areas were limited tonight.

Scott, Josh, Bryce, Glen and I had a beer at Jillians- this one was kind of earned more than the beers before.

Bobo and I mad a fire in my fireplace tonight. It smelled so good and cooked up my room to a nice warm temperature. Nice way to end such an evening.

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