Sunday, June 26, 2005

Howl's Moving Castle

I hadn't seen Jutton for almost a year other than at our wedding. He's been on and of the boards, but hanging out with him wasn't happening. I guess the last time we saw each other was last fall when I'd be at the MOA working on Vikings Game Day and he'd be working at there as well.

Well, the latest film from one of our mutual favorite anime film makers, Hayao Miyazaki, is out in theaters and what a perfect way for us to reconnect- Ruby Tuesday's and anime.

We went to see Howl's Moving Castle. Very cool movie, we both agreed. However, we felt the ending was a bit too cliche. Still worthy of a purchase, perhaps. Miyazaki's other films include: Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Nausicaa- of the Valley of Wind, etc.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Back Home (for the first time)

Today we came home from our honeymoon. But this is the very first time its home for me. Since 2003, I've moved every year and it looks like it won't end in the near future.

I have boxes full of stuff everywhere still.

Our honeymoon was so relaxing. We stayed at Cara's (and I guess mine, too, now) Uncle and Aunt's cabin in Wisconsin. The idea was to stay somewhere where we wouldn't feel like we'd want to do all the touristy things instead of spend time with each other. Mission accomplished! There is absolutly nothing touristy about Grantsburg, Weber, or Siren WI!

Leesha and the Mackys (Cara's sister's family- Caryn, Cameron, Caspian and Calyn) came up to join us Thursday and Today. It was nice to have time with just them.

music - Alison Krauss and the Union Station

Saturday, June 11, 2005


All my life I've been worried that I wouldn't sleep at all the night before my wedding. I got more sleep than I usually do! I snuck out to get some Burgerking breakfast and ate it before Bobo came home. There was nothing left in my room except for the clothes I was to be married in and my bed.

First thing that happens after I get ready to go is Greg and Mandy pick me up with Mom and Dad in tow in the their car. We then head down to Como Park and meet Chloe for photos. Once there it is discovered that we were supposed to pick Cara up! She got a ride with her folks (and that made for some really nice and more real photos- the ones where I first see my bride that day).

We took all sorts of combos with different family members. Chloe was great. She took color photos and her assistant took black and white. Overcast lighting was perfect. We took some photos down at the docks when it started to rain. We made our way to the church while it rained pretty hard.

Bobo and Eric were setting up tables in the church basement when we arrived. I told them not set up too much because I had faith that we were going to be at the park for the reception. They'd be glad to stop, but the wedding coordinator cracked her whip at them.

Before we knew it, we were in the middle of the ceremony. For the last few weeks I was in a lets-get-this-over-with mode, but I realized somewhere in the middle of the ceremony that this was really fun, and everyone there seemed to be having a good time as well. I didn't expect that the wedding would be fun. Don't know why not, just thought it was a major hassle.

And then the ceremony was over! My dad had the idea that we should give everyone some time to arrive at the reception. So Greg and Mandy took us to Maplewood to let Eddie and Cogswell out for a bit. My aunt Cele went with us (because she is a dog lover- Cogs and Eddie are Boston Terriers, btw).

When we finally did arrive, everyone was very suspicious of where we went. Nasty rumors had spread. Oh well. The reception was a lot of fun. Its strange having co-workers in line for pot-luck along side with family I haven't seen for quite some time. Worlds were colliding.
Eric and others convinced us we should dance. We finished off the already playing Promise from When in Rome immediately followed by Depeche Mode's Somebody (which I've always thought would be a good song at a wedding). We were quite aware that everyone was watching us dance. Just like at the FOCUS Gala. Then my mom and I danced to Forever Young by Alphaville (which goes way back for us Willis'. My mom has burned copies of Alphaville disks. Probably not many moms in the US with those, huh).

Things wrapped up rather quickly. We got to our hotel before sundown and checked in as Mr. and Mrs. Willis.

music - Pachebel's Canon in D, The Promise by When in Rome, Somebody by Depeche Mode, Forever Young by Alphaville pretty much sums up the wedding festivities.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Wedding Rehearsal

We had to move our rehearsal to the morning because the pastor that was marrying us had his daughter's graduation party that evening. Everyone gathered for a late breakfast first at IHOP. Thank God they had a separated room, because our clan was quite loud.
From there and it was pretty strait forward. Everyone made their way to the church. We met Kevin, the pastor, and went through the ceremony. Tweaked out some of the music details. This was the first time I met our musician in person- tangent:

We had two people commit to doing the music for our wedding and then back out. I was ready to make a mix CD and go with that. But then I felt we really should have a live person playing. So Cara gave me a woman's name from her old church. I contacted her a week and a half ago and have been contacting through email ever since. Awesome lady.

After the rehearsal, I went home and packed the last of my stuff and ran it over to Cara's house and it was torrential rain. Once that was finished, me and a keg of rootbeer went to the park where we where having our family and out-of-town people pizza gathering. We had a good evening of getting to know all these new people. At one point, Aaron, who is just over two years old, was playing with the keg just as a police officer rolls into the parking lot to check things out. I'm sure he was wondering what that was all about. His dad went down to explain that it was just rootbeer.
Not long after dark everyone went their own way and I took Cara home. We took a walk down to the lake and sat on the dock. These were our last moments together not wed to each other.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Stag Party!

here's how it went down:

  • 1pm Uptown Bar & Cafe for gyro omelets

We all met at the Uptown. Bobo and I arrived to see Schneidy waiting outside. Schepp and Greg and Eric arrived not long after that. I think we all ordered gyro omelets.

  • 2:30 Bobo's house for Settlers of Catan

Curtis Mayrand was going to join us at Bobo's so as we waited, we went through the entire catalog of GI Joe PSAs from FenslerFilms. Its definitely better to watch those in a group. They seem to never get old. As soon as Curtis arrived, we watched a fan made Star Wars movie.

We then started up a game of Settlers of Catan. 6 player game at max and we had 7, so Bobo bowed out and did email things while we played. After he got bored he started to help Schepp and in the end they won.

  • 9:pm Jutton's house

We stopped at the gas station for food and headed off to Jutton's house. Greg and I played Halo with a bunch of people online, which was fun. We sat around and shot the shyte.

Curtis and I got into a debate about why the new Star Wars movies were so bad and how Lucas ruined the whole thing. Somewhere in the middle of it, Curtis, in his drunken logic, was arguing that Lando Calrissian wasn't a black guy, but a Hispanic!

We finished the night with the Chappell show DVD. I wasn't all that impressed, but I did enjoy the Charlie Murphy stories. "Darkness!"

  • 3am back home

We got back to Bobo's and everyone left dispersed in their respective cars. I wasn't comfortable letting Curtis drive home. So I offered to drive him home and have Bobo follow in his truck. So, thats what we did.

Renade was still up when we got there. We got a small tour of the house and even looked at the back yard. Curtis felt bad for us giving him a ride and wanted to make it up to us by offering us a beer or a piece of cake. We settled for juice boxes. As we were saying goodbye near the front door I felt something on my neck. Picked it off and flung it down in front of the fish tank. It was an inch worm! Curtis instantly picked it up and dropped it into the tank and all four of us gathered around to see the fate of this worm. The worm was freaking out and the fish were circling the worm. It looked like the fish were about to strike when all of a sudden the fishtank lights went out because of a set timer! It was perfect and hilarious!

music - Where is My Mind? - Pixies on the way to Curtis's house just after 3am, reminiscent of our Comicbook convention trip.


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