Thursday, September 16, 2004

So I got to sleep in a little today. Its Viking Game Day at the Mall of America. The show didn't go very smoothly today. It was our 2nd show and the 1st one went so well. I guess it just wasn't our time. Production starts at noon and the show tapes at 6:30 and usually ends around 9:30pm or so, but today I got out of there early because...

Scissor Sisters concert tonight!! There were actually a lot of people from work there. 7 of us total. I'll have a roster once I know how to spell everyone's names. But here is the set list:
  • Take Your Mama Out
  • Better Luck Next Time
  • Tits on the Radio
  • Skin song (didn't recognize this one)
  • Magnum Beat song (or this one)
  • Lick song (not this one, either)
  • Laura
  • Mary
  • Comfortably Numb (this was great because they would hit a guitar rif and kick out the rhythm from Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell- that was a nice touch)
  • Filthy/Gorgeous
  • The Return to Oz


  • Can't Come Quickly Enough
  • Music is the Victim

One thing- the Scissor Sisters are very chatty. We were often yelling back at the stage "No more talking! Next song please!" Another thing was, the lead singer was quite a sweetpants. Whoa! Therefore, so was 50% of the audience. The show felt sort of short, which was ok, because it didn't start until 11pm [sarcasm]good thing I left work early[/sarcasm] d'oh! so off to bed for some rest so I can be effective for hell day :)

music- hmm, I guess it'd have to be... Scissor Sisters

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