Monday, October 25, 2004

Breaking News Day/Before-You-Say-I-Might Session 4

This morning was relatively normal at work, but as soon as the Midday show was over it seemed like the world fell apart. We had three potential breaking news stories happen- only one was worthy enough to actually cut into programming, but behind the scenes, we're all on standby when we go on or not. First one was the Amber Alert kid was found- actually he escaped and returned home on his own. Crafty. The second was a wall collapsed in Somerset WI and the third was a fire in a St. Paul house. Strange day. We go for weeks without any breaking news and then we have a day like this.

Tonight's class was probably the most valuable one yet. It was about intimacies- how they can be good and/or bad for a relationship. This is the meat of why marriages often fail, I think. It was interesting. Our breakout group even split by gender to further discuss the topic. It was interesting and I feel I've connected with others in my small group on a deeper level. Very interesting.

After we got home, Bobo and I took a walk and smoked a couple of stogies and talked some more. Nice night out. We really ought to do this more while we can.

music - Blame It on the Rain - Milli Vanilli (due to the Ashley Simpson lip-sync story)
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