Monday, October 04, 2004

Happy Anniversary, Greg and Mandy!

Its been a while since I updated this blog. I've been at Greg and Mandy's hanging with the nice guys. Hanging with the nice guys is kind of like a miniature vacation for me. It forces me away from my usual routine and gives me a period of time to just sit on my ass and watch movies or tv. Thats half of why I haven't posted for a while. Those dogs are wonderful. They even got to chase a rabbit this weekend!

Tonight was the first Before You Say I Might class (of 7). Its a couples class for those who are involved in a serious relationship and are thinking about marriage. It was interesting and I can see the potential for how this could help Cara's and my relationship. I have homework. I'm due to write more, but I'm feeling quite unmotivated tonight, so I'll just have to write more tomorrow.

music - Downside Up - Peter Gabriel (been listening to a lot of Pete lately)
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