Sunday, October 17, 2004

Cara and I have returned from the small group leader's retreat in Alexandria. It was a good time. On the way up, Friday night, Hwy 94 was packed all the way till around 8pm. We almost turned around and came home. Its been such a crazy week and we were tired. Once we got there, it was clear that we belonged there. Like the Woodland Hills retreats that I've been to before, this was just so much fun. Its license to be a kid again. There was a treasure hunt on Saturday evening that we had to dress up like pirates for (I won the pirate costume contest, thanks to Bobo's selection of renaissance apparel). We stayed up late playing games and talking and laughing and it seemed like we ate and ate and ate. While the ride up there was so slow, the ride back was very fast it seems. Good times.

This evening I packed up a couple more sales on eBay. Another collectible game action figure and a battle axe!

music - I had Shake the Disease by Depeche Mode in my head most of the time while there, but Greg Wollen's song Glorybound was, for sure, the song of the weekend.
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