Tuesday, October 19, 2004

What do you do when there is something at work that saps your energy like a sponge? Not just my energy, everyone involved was drained. An energy vampire is among us.

I brought home the tech manual for the video switcher today.

Bible study was fine, tonight. Everyone was tired. These busy weeks are wearing on us all- having class Monday nights and then bible study Tuesday nights. Romans chapter 5 is short and very repetitive of chapter 4 so we allowed a lot of tangents tonight.

I chucked a digital alarm clock tonight. A clock I received from my folks upon graduation from 5th grade (I think). It still works- sort of. The clock part works, but the alarm had no control for volume. The only setting left is MAXIMUM VOLUME. So I chucked it. I have a new small digital one anyway. One that automatically resets itself every morning at 2am. It receives an AM radio broadcast from Fort Collins, CO that updates the exact time from the atomic clock there.

music - Election Day - Arcadia
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