Saturday, March 15, 2008

2007 - 2008 Newsletter

This is from our 2007 - 2008 News Letter which can be found here.

February 2007

  • Cara's first appointments, hearing "Bopper's" heartbeat
  • Learned our friends Eric and Keesha were 6 weeks behind us in "infanticipating"

  • Ultrasound - Grandma Darlene, Dad and Leesha were all able to be there due to the snow day
  • Jeffry felt "Bopper" move
  • Set up Leesha's "big sister" room
  • Saw Greg and Mandy

  • Visited St. Louis - taking in the Dog Museum and registering at Babies R Us with Grandma Holly and Great Grandma Mary
  • Figured out how to work our living room shades after they'd been up for 6 months
  • Trip to Labor and Delivery to see if Cara was in pre-term labor
  • Leesha got her first soccer ball
  • Cara got a 6 week teaching assignment in one of the 1st grade rooms at North Heights (Leesha's school)


  • Mandy's shower
  • Garage sales - sold Cara's old car
  • Spent Mother's Day with Darlene (Cara's mom) for the first time in a long while
  • Dog-sat Sadie for the last time
  • Started gardening
  • Took a tour of the hospital
  • Time with the Willis family over Memorial Day which included setting up the nursery


  • Cara had a pregnant lady temper tantrum over getting the house ready for the baby
  • Leesha gets her first fish at the all-school picnic
  • We mourned when Sadie had to be put to sleep
  • Leesha broke the repaired portion of her tooth off on the last day of school
  • Celebrated Darlene's birthday with her for the first time in a long while
  • Celebrated our second anniversary
  • Took the New Baby class
  • Leesha learned to sew
  • Father's Day with David (Cara's dad)
  • Pre-Baby Shower with friends from our small group
  • Saw Anu when she visited from Philadelphia


  • Visited our friends the Trelevens in Altoona, WI
  • Welcomed Greg and Mandy's son, Simon Lee Willis on July 3rd
  • Saw spectacular fireworks at the lake just down the street
  • Cara spent time with her friend Kristyn and her kids
  • Visit from Steve and Holly
  • Tried to tempt fate (and speed Bopper's arrival) by seeing Spiderman 3 in a theater
  • Cara turned 32 and celebrated with David and Darlene as well as Jeffry who stayed home because we suspected labor
  • Finally (8 days late), Jack Elliot Willis arrived at 3am on July 27th weighing in at 8lbs, 15 oz and measuring 22.5 inches


  • Getting to know Jack and becoming adjusted to being parents of an infant
  • Craig, Tracy, Nathaniel and Aaron arrived for a visit from Kenya
  • Jeffry takes two trips out of state to bring back new buses
  • Another visit from Steve and Holly
  • Cara returns to Linens-N-Things, and Jeffry survives time alone with 2 kids
  • Eric and Keesha's son, Keane Philip Pfeifer arrived on the 13th
  • Jack's hair takes on a "sticketty-uppity" style
  • Jack's first smiles and visit to the MN State Fair
  • Post-baby shower


  • Jeffry celebrated his 33rd birthday with his parents for the first time in a while
  • Friends and family join us for Labor Day
  • Leesha started 4th grade at North Heights
  • More firsts from Jack - sleeping through a night, cooing, going to the church nursery, and Grandma Darlene's daycare
  • Time with Bombergs before they moved to Florida
  • Leesha got her first A+ and went on a field trip
  • Cara started subbing again
  • Trip to the MN Zoo with Craig and family
  • David and Darlene are acknowledged for retiring from their 36 years in Africa

  • Jack's first laugh, and Halloween (this year's clever costume - Jack in a box)
  • New family joined our small group
  • Cara realized Jack outgrew some of his new clothes before ever wearing them

  • Cara's grandmother passed away
  • Jack rolled over, figured out his Johnny Jump-up and started solids
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving with Jeffry's family early
  • Replaced washer and dryer
  • Leesha had her friend Ashley over for sleepover
  • Dog-sat Hazlenut (the new small group family's dog)
  • Leesha had all her biological grandparents attend Grandparent's day at school
  • Thanksgiving with friends and family
  • Visited the Bell Museum of Natural History
  • Cara got to do some Christmas goody making with Darlene
  • Leesha learned to do her own laundry

  • Snow
  • Leesha performs with her schoolmates at the Mall of America
  • Anniversary of Leesha's accident
  • Visit from Anu
  • Time with family over Christmas
  • Jack had his first playdate with Keane
  • Jack got a tooth
  • Cara ended her part time job at Linens-N-Things
  • Jeffry took care of Jack, and even took him out on an errand
  • Jeffry and Cara saw Sweeney Todd
  • Spent an evening with our neighbors

January 2008
  • Went sledding with some members of our Small Group on New Year's Day
  • Jeffry got a new desktop
  • Celebrated David's birthday
  • Leesha turned 10 with more celebrations than ever before, including a trip to Underwater World
  • Got an elliptical
  • At 6 months, Jack got his first haircut, then he's on the move!

  • Simon's dedication
  • Cara got her first laptop
  • Leesha's best friend changes schools : >(
  • Time with our friends the Browns and their kids
  • Leesha had her first piano lesson, and got a half day off of school due to the water main breaking
  • Modifications to the kitchen so Cara has an "office"
  • Jeffry and Cara got to go out for a Valentine's Day date

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Catching Up

Yesterday I had a day off and got some catching up done. There are now a couple more Jack videos online.

I read another Edgar Rice Burroughs book, At the Earth's Core. Burroughs is fantastic. These books I've been reading have all been fantastically pulpy. Having finished that one, I was on the search for a different author from the pulp era. Kirby O'Donnell or El Borak are some pulp characters by Robert E. Howard that I'm trying to find, but the books are either unavailable or expensive. But it turns out that my friend, Rob, has ALL of Howard's books and he's going to lend them to me. In the meantime I'm reading Burroughs' 2nd Mars book, Gods of Mars.

Leesha and I finished the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. It was fun, and I'm glad we watched it. I saw maybe two episodes back when I was on the air. We took a break for a while because she got into a website based on a toy. She bought a stuffed animal dog or something and in the packaging was a code for their website. She takes this code and logs on and there is the virtual version of her stuffed dog. She can name it, play with it, send it on jobs, and do all sorts of games and things with this online character. We discovered that if she doesn't put it in his bed before she logs off the site, the dog gets sick! And the next time she logs on she has to nurse him back to health. Its pretty cool. We recently started a new series called L/R or Licensed by Royal which is a light hearted espionage anime. I've seen it before a few years ago, but watching it now, I had forgotten how good it was.


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