Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Crazy Schedule/BUSH WINS

So I start work today at 2:30 AM! The plan was to start the morning news at 4 AM, but since nothing was happening, they started at the regular 5 AM. So I sat in the prompter booth listening to George Noory. He had a guest who was talking about how either candidate was bad enough because they're both part of this global conspiracy where Europe will, in the end, 'save' Iraq and US will be on the offering table. If any of that's true, bring it on! I'm fine with a Mad Max kind of world. One thing I'd miss would be this web page- Sinking In the Quicksand of My Thoughts!

I was finished with work at noon, went and did some errands and started to lose my energy. I was home and asleep by 2:45pm

I got up to watch LOST. Awesome show.

At 10pm I was at the Mall of America to help set up lights and cabling for the new location at the mall- we're now in the giant rotunda by Underwater World for the rest of the season. Dave Hammer was there as well and we mainly just stood in place and let the guys set the lighting while we shot the shyte.

Oh, yeah. Bush won the election.

It feels like I haven't seen Cara in a long time.

music - Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears for Fears
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