Friday, October 29, 2004

Date Night

After work I went to The Source to find a Star Wars Blaster and lo and behold, they had one. The last one. From there I went to Cara's house. We planned on going out tonight, having dinner and watching a movie... in the theater!! So thats what we did.

Had all you can eat shrimp at Red Lobster. Then, we went to a mall to find some clothing for my costume for the costume party on Saturday. Cara suggested JC Penny's or something and we found what we needed. Then we went to sports stores like SportsMart or REI to find other elements of my costume, but got no further because we were running out of time. We abandoned the search for more costume parts and went to Team America: World Police. That movie is hilarious and far from wholesome. It was really nice to have two nights to be together.

When I got home, before I went to bed, I spray painted my Star Wars Blaster black, because it came in a what-the-heck/politically-correct orange!??!
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