Saturday, November 20, 2004


Took 9 hours for my computer to defrag its harddrive. I was given this computer about 2 and a half years ago and in all that time never defragged the harddrive because I could see it was taking too much time. Today I gave the computer the time it needed. I figured it would have plenty of time during...

GirlyCon- Laura, Keesha, Cara, Eric and I played D&D run by Bobo today. Bobo made up simplified characters for each of the girls and then made up a regular character for Eric. I rolled one up as people started to arrive. It took some time for the girls to get the hang of how to play a roleplaying game, but once we were into the story, I think they all liked it. It was hard for Cara and Laura to sit and play a game like this for such a long period of time (5-6 hours), but surprisingly enough, it seemed like Keesha really got into the game. I had a good time inspite of my character getting tied up by the rest of the party because they didn't trust him. Good times.

Bobo really went all out for Girlycon. He cooked up a giant pot of beef stew, had round loaves of bread and wheels of cheese. It was quite a feast. More than enough for all of us for two meals.

music - Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings soundtrack, Princess Mononoke soundtrack, Buldar's Gate soundtrack
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