Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Today was rather cool. We had a Gold Star project. A gold star project is like in the movie Hudsucker Proxy when they had a Blue Letter- A Blue Letter! That's a message from the top floor, everyone out of the way!!! Gold Star is a project directly from the Hubbards. This is just single shot, one person interviews with people all talking about a guy named David Frauenshuh. Three people came it today be interviewed and from what they said about him, I'd really like to meet him. The testimonies of these people made David sound like the closest thing to a saint we could have. Described as-"the kind of guy you couldn't wait to hang out with again." "Can't wait till next time I get to see him." "Wonderful member of my bible study and a great man of God". Sounds like someone who would be a great role model. From what I understand, he is a real estate developer and owns half of St.Paul. Kind of cool.

Our bible study was tonight and I thought it went really well. Again with the question system where everyone submits a couple of questions and we pick them from a bowl as been a really really great way to get people involved with discussion. This group has come alive once again (and maybe more than it has ever been). We are finding that there is a very divers dynamic in the group and its turning out very fulfilling for me.

music - Brother Danielson
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