Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving Surprises

Work was that typical holiday work day when all the hallways and cubicles are dark and quiet. Today, however, I gave my family a tour of my work. They arrived for the second half of the Midday broadcast and after we were off the air I showed mom, dad, Cara and Leesha everything, newsroom, edit suites, control room, front entrance, makeup room, studio B, locker room, everything. After they left we feasted like kings in the newsroom with Thanksgiving catering from Boston Market. It was awesome.

After the 5 broadcast, I took off to Cara's house to meet up with everyone for our Thanksgiving feast. Little did mom and dad know, but the Trelevens were en route to Cara's as well for a surprise. They were getting out of their car as I pulled in- everything falls into place, doesn't it. We surprised them big time. We had a wonderful time- Cara, Leesha, Mom, Dad, Eric, Terry, Teresa, brand new Lucas and me. Wonderful food, wonderful entertainment (Lucas), good times.
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