Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Three Trelevens/UP

Today is the day that Cara and I went to see Terry, Teresa and the band new Lucas Treleven. We drove out to Eau Claire and spent the afternoon with them in their apartment. It was a really nice time. They hadn't met Cara yet and we hadn't met Lucas yet, so it was good all around. Lucas is about 10 months old and is full of wonder and energy. Its fascinating to watch a little human like that. Its even more fascinating to watch your best friend from childhood with his own child. We took a walk, had some pizza and played a game of trivial pursuit and the T's won. Shortly after that Cara and I went home.

Once home, we built a fire (in my room, -sigh-) and watched the Peter Gabriel DVD- UP. It was a nice time to cuddle in front of a fire.

music - Goldfinger soundtrack - John Barry. And Peter Gabriel - UP dvd concert film
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