Saturday, October 23, 2004

Dasher Goes Home/Medieval Birthday Party

Today was the last day I watch Dasher for jenny. She picked him up right from the airport. My time with Dasher was interesting. He has an insecurity that can get annoying. He needs to be on one's lap almost all the time, which would be fine if he would stay still, but he can't seem to.

As soon as Jen left, I threw on my costume and flew down to Keesha's house for a collective birthday party of various FOCUS people. I got there a bit later than most and missed some of the activities like jousting and sword fighting. Everyone looked great in the costumes, Eric had full chainmail and people were sticking magnets on him, Rob Kistler (spelling?) came in full tin-foil armor that kept tearing, etc. Cara looked great. I've been missing her lately because of our schedules. I had to leave a bit early due to Viking Game Day early tomorrow morning.
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