Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I mailed the first sale from Bobo's line of eBay products today. The HeroClix Silver Surfer is away!

[warning... venting ahead!]
Work was fine. There is one guy (the guy who always clears his throat) in engineering who has gotten on my nerves. I guess he sees me as the most willing to help in the production department or something, but come on. He has no care if I'm on my break or not. He expects me to drop whatever I'm doing and help him every time. The thing that is annoying is the difference in nature of our department's days. His department- they have all day to work on whatever they need to. Our department is very dependent on what time it is to if we're available or not. We can only take breaks at certain times. I don't think he sees that.

Infact, he is an interesting person in that he is one of the most self centered people I've ever met. I don't mean that in an insulting way, I mean that in a most littoral way. He has a strong need to show you how you are wrong and he is right. Condescending. I recall one morning, there were about 3 of us production people sitting at the table. The other two guys were reading or something like that. I was eating breakfast. He comes over to our table and sits down and asks if I could help him with something. I say sure- between bites and he says, ok, I'll wait for you to finish... and he sits there, watching me eat until the moment I swallow the last bite. It was incredibly awkward and annoying. aaaaaaarrrgggg!!!

We had social night at bible study tonight. No study, just play games. First we did our highs/lows and for Erik's praise report, he pulls out a ziplock back with a mouse caught in a trap, quite dead and says- "answered prayer!" (which, obviously was a prayer request last week or the week before), quite hilarious, though, Laura didn't appreciate a dead mouse in bible study. What game did we play tonight? Taboo- boys vs girls. I found I kick ass at Taboo. We laughed a lot. Then we got on a strange kick about carnivorous and making puns with all the food names that could apply to humans as food. Fun odd night.

Found out that disk 2 of the Jeremiah DVD set doesn't work. That was a bummer. I'll have to figure out how to resolve that problem with the eBay seller, get all hard-assed and mean.

Bobo got me the 1st volume of collected out-of-print rpg books Greg, Terry, Orion and I used to play way back in the day. Twilight 2000 volume 1. Very nice presentation with more than I had before. Brings me way back.

music - Love, In Itself & Shake the Disease - Depeche Mode
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