Friday, November 26, 2004

9 Lunar Months/Proposition

This has been a crazy week. With Mom and Dad in town and staying at Cara's I haven't been at home much. It felt like go go go. All of a sudden we find ourselves with a night and it just happened to be a full moon- our 9th Lunar Month anniversary!

Work was very strange. Both the shows that I work on on any given weekday were cancelled, but I still had to be there. So I got there, and did nothing- well... Jay and I played a fantasy boardgame; Jason and I feasted on yesterday leftovers; Josh, Robyn, Scott and I played Crazy Rules Uno with some crazy Ahmed rules and then I left early. Stopped at The Source for a few minutes and then went on to Cara's house.

We watched an anime with Leesha and then she went to bed.

Cara and I found we had a night to ourselves on our ninth lunar month anniversary. So we cuddled listening to Enya. Except, I couldn't settle down. Cara could see I was all goofy and when she finally asked what was up with me tonight I broke down...

I dug into my backpack and pulled out a folded papertowel and gave it to her. She unfolded it, and inside was a blue satin bag, inside that was a small fancy fabric bag. Inside this small bag was...

a ring.

Then I said "Cara Joy, will you marry me?"

And she kissed me, and said "Yes, yes, yes!" and kissed me again.

Then I told her that she has seen this ring before. It is a ring that was going to be given to me by my mom's mom when she was gone but she had the idea to give it to me early for this reason and I thought that was a great idea.

We waited till 12:15 am or so to call her parents (who live in Kenya) and told them. They were very happy for us. About 30 minutes later, Craig and Tracy (Cara's brother and sister-in-law) called all excited.

It was a good night.

music - Flora's Secret - Enya
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