Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I was tired this morning. It was raining and traffic was slower than usual, but I listened to OVO by Peter Gabriel so traffic was fine for me.

I caught one of my co-workers in a blatant lie today. It disturbed me more than it should've. Not sure why, maybe its something like an evaluation of that person's word, thats bothering me. It was over whether or noth they turned off their headset when they leave- so not a big deal at all, but their will to not be wrong was so strong that it kind of made me wonder what it would be like with a more serious situation. Now that its much later in the day/evening, it bothers me not.

Right after work- rush home for its game night with the boys. Tonight was John's game, which we haven't played for like a month. It was pretty fun getting back into it inspite of having my character almost get eaten by a red dragon. After the game, I found that everyone tried calling me today. I had four messages saved. This is the worst week for anyone trying to get ahold of me. There isn't a night that I'd be home or not busy before 10pm. Bobo and I went for a walk around our neighborhood talking about our ladies and about the game. We found our way down to the lake and layed down on the dock. It was such a beautiful night. I'm totally ready for fall.

OVO - Peter Gabriel (amazing)
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