Friday, August 02, 2013

Something is afoot at the Geek Flag... in Germany

This is my personal blog, sort of a diary. My geek obsession blog is elsewhere- The Geek Flag. That gets way more attention from me than this blog. Lately, it has also gotten a TON of attention from others. Mainly Germans.

For the last few days the statistics of the Geek Flag blog have been showing some very strange results. It appears that every twelve hours there is a HUGE spike in visitors to the blog. The spike is localized to Germany for some reason.

The post that seems to be attracting all this traffic is one I created way back in February, it featured a very nice fan-made dice roller for the newly released Star Wars: Edge of the Empire from Fantasy Flight Games. Here's that post.

The peaks are hitting around Noon to 1PM / Midnight to 1AM in the Central Timezone. Which makes the peak times 7AM to 8 AM / 7PM to 8PM in Germany. The clean uniformity of the pattern suggests it isn't man made, but some sort of bot. But that is a lot of traffic either way.

This view is by the Day, from August 1st to August 2nd

This view is of the whole week so far.

Here a whole month. This shows the drastic increase from the usual hum of traffic.
See how drastically the traffic amount suddenly changed. Also note in the map graphic the intensity in that one spot. That is Germany. Strange.


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