Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Hey Kid, I'm a Computer!

Interesting morning at work. Right off the bat there was a Rusty music project to tape. We had a clash of staff in front of the music guests and it was very unprofessional. Everyone dispersed unhappy. How many times does this have to happen till something gets changed?

I bought a new computer today. I used the earnings from the recent Bobo swords sale on ebay to purchase them. It will be nice to be closer to the rest of the world as far as computers go. The computer I'm on right now is so old it doesn't even have a CD Rom drive on it! [0^^puter

Bobo and I exchanged our Christmas gifts today. After spending an hour in two different comic shops he finially just gave me a check to be used on geekflag stuff. I got him a couple of Settlers of Catan expansions that he asked for. However, I wrapped it in a box shaped as a perfect cube and then cut post it notes into circles and taped them all over the box to make a 6 sided die. Here is some trivia for you... how many dots are on a 6 sided die?

music - Alison Krauss (who just so happened to be on GMA this morning)
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