Monday, October 11, 2004

2nd night in our couples class. There was some kind of grouping problem with Bobo and Laura's group and maybe Erik and Keesha's as well so they took the 'problem children' (the Woodland Hills folk) and made a new group, consisting totally of us. So its the six of us and our small group leaders, Ethan and Robyn Craig, who are awesome people. We all kind of knew something was going to shift around but none of us saw it coming out like this. I like it. It seems like God is directing us down a path where these three couples [Keesha and Erik, Bobo and Laura, and Cara and I] are growing into a group of friends. Sort of like when you'd see your parents go out with friends, it feels like that.

Bobo and I watched the first episode of Jeremiah last night. Cool show. Its a post-apocalyptic setting, so I gotta love it. Looking forward to seeing how the show continues.

The events around that accident are fading. Thank you, God, for time and the effects time has on the mind.

music - Growing Up - Peter Gabriel
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