Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pee in a Cup
Today was a rough go. My precious me time every day between 9 and 11:45 was destroyed by chance. My name was selected at random again for a drug test. I had to unsettle myself from my computer and go pee in a cup. Altered my whole day. Didn't eat until after my noon route and got comics early. I'm tired.

Its snowing.

Monday, February 26, 2007

We had a rough weekend and this was the day that made it worth while. We heard Bopper's heart today.

I wanted to get up earlier than normal to get a head start on the day anticipating the roads, but I overslept! Cara woke me up realizing that I was still in bed. Forgoing my morning routines, I still manaaged to get to work very early and out of the yard before the big exodus of buses.

The roads were good and bad. Main streets were effortless, but many side streets hadn't been touched with plow. Over the radio it sounded pretty bad, but my routes went almost as easy as any day.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


We got a ton of snow all yesterday and last night.

I shovelled most of the driveway so we could get our car on the road. Cara is very concerned about how the pregnancy is going and she wanted to go to a clinic today. After she talked with someone they told her to stay home and drink a lot of water. That doesn't seem very good. She became very worried.

Later Cara has calmed down and said she felt fluttering in her. So I guess she's ok.

We gave Catan card game a try. Kind of overwhelming at first, but we sort of got the hang of it.

I just finished shoveling most of the driveway for the 3rd time.

David and Darlene brought us Chinese for lunch.

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Yu-Gi-Oh Caper

Had to dissolve a high tension Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card dispute on the bus this morning. In the end I found out who this kid, Willie, really is. I don't like it. My friend Davyon (who has caused much trouble in the past) was involved. But in the end, I like him even more. He is a good kid who sometimes makes bad choices. Willie seems more like a bad kid who stays under the radar more often than not.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Small group was very small. Jankoviches Kummers and Lara didn't come. So that left Eric, Jon, Laura Beth, Cara and me. We played Dominoes. Jon brought a boxset of Led Zepplin for Eric and we listened to it all night.

Mom and dad signed up a customer of YTB under me today!

And I got Eberron: Dragonmarked book from eBay. One of the Best WotC books I've read.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lighting and Climbing Trees When Goblins Attack!

Yesterday, gamed at Pat's. They took me off of switching at church and now I'm running lighting. There are a lot more things to be aware of when doing lights. We'll see how that goes.

Lights at church again for both Sunday services. Got home and...
After that I whipped up a quick session of D&D with Cara and Leesha. We ran the encounters in the small town so it was almost all dialog role-playing. Leesha is still trying to get the hang of how to play this. I noticed that anytime I have the characters encounter anything dangerous or resembling combat, her character - Noel, hides or climbs a tree. I'm re-thinking the combat angle and thinking about completely altering the module to a puzzle and riddle fairytale campaign. We'll see.

Friday, February 16, 2007

I finished my book today. That's always a great feeling.

Cara's folks were here for dinner tonight. Leesha was a pill because she's not totally back to normal from being sick and she was hungry.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kids and their Boundaries

Got 192 back. I love my old bus.

On the Murray route, this morning, there were no girls except for Miss Laura- the bus aid. All boys.

Leesha and Cara were home when I got here. My me-time was less than private. Leesha is feeling much better. She's also reacting favorably to having those boundaries again.

Leesha was very well behaved, tonight. I believe it all has to do with boundaries. See, for the last couple of days she's been with Grandma. Grandma kind of lets Leesha decide what she wants to do or what she wants to eat. This leaves her in a most unpleasant state. She becomes a real pill. Its strange how once we crack down and tell her how it is, she's great.

Ordered Melaleuca.

David Sorley returns home today. He's been out east taking care of his mother, giving his sister, Mimi, a break. He's been gone for about 2 weeks.

LOST wasn't finished downloading before it was bedtime. We'll have to watch it tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Better Bus and No Boundary

Sub bus, but not the one from yesterday. Bus 46. This one was almost impossible to steer. After it warmed up it was manageable. The seat was better than yesterday's bus, but it still wasn't as good as my regular bus- 192.

Cara was home when I got home. Left almost right away.

My honey made Valentine's kringle!

I was waylayed on the way home. Just north of St. Paul south-bound traffic on 35E was backed up to a complete stop. So I parked. Sat there for about 20 minutes. All traffic was stopped on the other side as well. There were no cars moving at all on 35E. Two firetrucks came squeezing through on our side, we could see another firetruck maneuvering on the other side. 20 minutes later, traffic moves again. I was expecting to see a huge crash or something, but there was nothing. Not a single hint as to what caused this.

Leesha was in bed by the time I got home. Cara said she was a pill when she was picked up from Grandma's. Grandma give Leesha vast amounts of choice. Leesha doesn't know it, but she really wants boundaries.

Unable to watch LOST again because of reception. We'll download it. It'll be clear, letterboxed and minus commercials.

I couldn't find any report on any of the local news websites as to what caused that traffic delay.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Babies, Buses & Buca's

We were supposed to get a ton of snow today. I got up and out early for it. How much did we get? None. And they can predict Global Warming? They can't even get tomorrow correct.

Cara and Leesha were home when I got home after my morning routes. All was much less peaceful. They were in a whirlwind to get out and deliver some documents for our health insurance. We're trying to get covered through government programs, but they keep giving us the run-around. Cara is bringing requested documents in person (and taking our sick, contagious daughter with- if they would've accepted everything the first time like they said... hey, they gave her no choice. Poetic Justice). I guess some of the documents are some we already gave them. The whole thing is confusing. Leesha is looking and acting closer to normal. Yesterday's abundance of sleep did magic.

After the ladies left, Greg called to tell me they're having a boy!

Just as I was about to go make lunch, work calls and said they want bus 192 back at the shop for repair. I'll be eating later again. AAARRRGGG

This temporary bus sucked. The seat was basically a bench that leaned to the right always dumping me toward the door. I hated it.

Dah got written up twice today. Not really. She was going on and on about her tooth getting pulled out with a lot of blood. Ignored. Yelled.

Went right to Cara's folk's house and changed clothes. Shortly we left for Buca's

Buca's was great. After everyone was seated the waitress places an empty ketchup bottle with two roses in it- one blue, one pink. This was a message. They no longer are trying to catch-up with Rob and Laura (who have a baby- Oliver) and Cara and me (who are 18 weeks pregnant- Bopper). Eric and Keesha are also pregnant! Of course the food was wonderful, as well.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Dah is back

Rob called with promising news about an entry level position at Accenture. This is promising news.

Leesha stayed home and is at Jeremy's house today. She probably has the flu. Cara has been exposed.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Leesha, Keesha and the Gallifreyan Doctor

We met Darlene for church. After church we went out with Pfeifer's small group to eat. Eric gave me a great Doctor Who reference today. I'll explain what that means on Tuesday.

Leesha came home in a mess. She really isn't feeling well and this is probably why she's been acting out so much, lately. She had a bite to eat and went strait to bed.

Later, Cara and I watched my favorite episode of Doctor Who yet - The Girl in the Fireplace. The funny thing about this episode is when it was over, we decided to see what was on TV. The channel that was on when we turned was tpt (Twin Cities PBS). A movie starring the same actress was on. Sophia Myles played Reinette in Doctor Who and Lucy Westenra in a BBC production of Dracula. Kind of cool coincidents, don't you think?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Leesha, Catan and 2006

Cara asked that I make breakfast today, which threw me off at first, but OK. I made scrambled eggs with tomatoes, ham, cheese and black olives. This sent Leesha into the biggest fit I've seen her in since she turned nine. She made an absolute fool of herself over stupid olives! Much of it was due to her being hungry and some of it was because Cara was rather emotional and that made Leesha a bit uncomfortable.

Listening to Sir Paul Vol. 1&2 from my brother. I'm enjoying the 2nd disk of Paul McCartney much more. I still keep coming back to the conclusion that Bowie is much more unique than McCartney. The reason for the comparison is I've been working on a two volume mix of Bowie for him.

Cara defeated Leesha and I at a nice regular game of Settlers of Catan.

Today, Cara asked me to help her with our family newsletter. I played around with the layout and added pictures. It occurred to me that this newsletter pretty much covers a segment of time that this blog is missing. So here it is:

We thought it might be nice to share some highlights from our lives since we got married, so here goes-

JUNE 2005

  • The 11th - Our Wedding Day!

  • It was wonderful! The rain started as we were wrapping up pictures and stopped before our reception at the park.

  • Cara's brother and sister were both able to come with their families for the event as well as her parents.

  • The 12th - After our gift opening (when our nephew Nathaniel got a nice gash on the back of head from the proverbial coffee table incident), we headed over to Little Wood Lake, WI to Cara's Aunt and Uncle's cabin for a week of relaxation. Caryn and her family came up with Leesha for the last day.


  • Lots of time with Cara's family.

  • Lots of adjusting to married life – like Jeffry's human being nature vs. Cara's human doing nature, her desire for “us” time vs. his desire for “me” time, as well as the organized person and the not-so-organized person dilemma. But we think we've figured it out at this point.

  • August – our friends Rob (Jeffry's former roommate and landlord) and Laura got married.


  • We bought the newest car either of us has ever owned (mile-wise), a Honda CRV.

  • Hosted a Couple's Shower for our friends Eric and Keesha.

  • Spent time with some former Rosslyn-ites (Cara's old High School).


  • Saw Serenity!

  • Time with family, including a trip to Missouri where we visited the City Museum (we highly recommend visiting it if you've got the chance).

  • Eric and Keesha's wedding.


  • Thanksgiving with friends!

  • Leesha's concert at the Mall of America and Craig and family return to Kenya – both on the same day.


  • Cara ran out of gas in the new car!

  • Saw Narnia!

  • KSTP party and a night at the Hilton where Cara proceeded to get a terrible cold.

  • Time with family – on both sides.


  • Jeffry's sleep study and diagnosis for Sleep Apnea. Just try and take the CPAP away from him!

  • Jeffry played broomball when it was super cold out, or didn't get to play due to lack of ice (thanks to Global Warming).

  • Cara ran out of gas again!

  • Leesha turned 8.


  • Got to watch our dog-phews Cogswell and Eddy.

  • Played Settlers of Catan with friends.

  • Kitchen sink at mom and dad's found to be malfunctioning resulting in a sopping wet mattress in the basement.

  • Leesha had an accident at school and broke off about 1/3 of one of her front teeth.


  • Leesha got a snow day!


  • Jeffry and Cara went on a date to see Triple Espresso (another recommendation).

  • Spring Break – Cara and Jeffry took an afternoon trip to Stillwater, MN and test drove a Wrangler.

  • Celebrated Easter with friends.

  • The 26th - We had a showing at the first house we could actually “afford” and decided to sign the purchase agreement that night.


  • We took classes on homeownership, etc.

  • A visit from Jeffry's parents!


  • Mortgage application (ugh!)

  • 1 year anniversary!

  • The 15th – learned that we got the house!

  • The 23rd – we closed on said house.


  • Visit to a cabin in WI with friends – more Settlers, lots of food and fun.

  • Painted, cleaned, packed and finally moved.

  • Rob and Laura celebrated Oliver's birth (6 weeks early) and on our way to visit them, we got a call from Cara's friend to come get their dog since their baby was on the way!

  • Dog-sat Sadie! (a highlight anytime)

  • Cara turned 31.

  • Fridge in new house died.


  • Visit from Cara's mom!

  • New fridge arrived! And later, new furniture!

  • Jeffry trained to be a bus driver.


  • Jeffry turned 32.

  • Went to the Bluegrass Festival.

  • Leesha started 3rd grade at North Heights Christian Academy.

  • Cara mowed a lawn for the first time in her life.

  • Leesha got her first ear infection.

  • Mini-reunion with friends from Eagle River, WI (where Jeffry grew up)


  • Dog-sat Sadie again!

  • Got more settled in to work, new house, new job, etc.

  • Visit from Jeffry's parents.

  • Halloween party.

  • Started the approximately 280-day venture towards becoming parents.


  • Dog-sat Sadie again!

  • Visit from Cara's friend Anu.

  • Thanksgiving with friends again!

  • Leesha's dad Jeremy got married.


  • Jeffry told his parents they'd be grandparents again!

  • Leesha performed in the school musical.

  • Leesha got a bad abrasion on her knee. Due to Cara's failure to park the CRV appropriately, it rolled back down the driveway and into the neighbors yard. When it hit the curb, Leesha, who had been getting out of the car before it started to roll, was jostled out of the vehicle, but thank God for making the car stop before the tires rolled over her.

  • Dog-sat Sadie again!

  • Leesha got to ride along on the school bus with Jeffry

    one day.

  • Time with Jeffry's family.

  • "Whoever is in here will make you a big sister"

    Christmas morning - Leesha learned she is going to be a big sister.

  • Vacation for all of us from work and school.


  • Cara's parents return from 36 years in Africa and hear that they're going to be grandparents again!

  • Time with Cara's parents

  • Leesha turned 9.

We finished watching Rob's movie Fearless (which he thought was one of the best movies of it's kind he's seen or something like that). It was ok, but I thought Hero was much better. After that we watched an episode of Doctor Who and then Saturday Night Live.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Jobs, Naps and Nadia

Rob called saying to get my resume ready. There may be an entry level job available at Best Buy through Accenture.

I get to listen to the first hour of the Rush Limbaugh radio show while I get lunch and ready to go back out. Today there was a guest hosts- Mark Belling. Of Rush's guest hosts, Belling is my favorite.

Even though it was not much above zero degrees, the sun was out and made for a nice and tolerably warm bus. My nap was, perhaps, the best one this week.

The first window on the passenger side of the bus always falls down. Always has since the first day of school. And now with the extreme cold, it's worse. Worse in the worst way- since it's so cold out! Today I finally taped it closed with my duct-tape. Done and done.

Cara ate and went off to work (which I didn't even know she had to do), so it was just Leesha and me tonight.

We finished the Nadia: Secret of Blue Water movie which was really disappointing. The show was SO much better.

After that, Leesha and I watched the first two episodes of Haibane Renmei. This is one of the highest quality anime I've seen. It pleases me to see Leesha recognize quality anime, as well. I think Rob would like this show if he could only get past the fact that is a 'Japanese cartoon' because its a bit of a Limbo or Purgatory story.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Day I Finally Ate and LOST

There wasn't any cereal left this morning, so I finished off the banana bread and had a banana. Wasn't as much food as I'm used to having. By the time I got home I was starving. Sat down to check email and before I know it I'm called in to take bus from home to base to change a tiny light bulb. Aaarg!

So I drive the bus back. They said I'd be back out in five minutes. I was back out in about 55 minutes, on my way to the noon route and no food in me. AAarrg!

As soon as I was finished with the noon route I went to Wendy's and slorked down some fast food.

The sun was fully out today which made for a comfortable nap shortly after filling my belly.

Leesha was pushing the line tonight. Cara said she was doing so over at Grandma Darlene's house, as well. I think she's looking for a fight to define a boundary, because every time this happens, she will make scene about something and it will boil over and she'll get in trouble. But after that everything is great- because she now sees the boundary. Kids are strange. Cara wasn't helping this situation. She was giving in to Leesha's stupid demands. Cara sometimes lacks that resolve in the afternoon before she has food in her.

After Leesha went to sleep we watched the brand new episode of LOST that aired last night. Its amazing that one can miss a show, download it, burn it on a disk and watch it the next day. Its wide screen and NO COMMERCIALS! Its pretty much better than watching it on TV. Very cool episode. Resolved some things. I just have no memory of how Sawyer knew Alex's boyfriend's name was Carl.

I finally got our small group debriefing out. Next week we're not studying. We're all going out for dinner at Buca's in St. Paul.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Man in Black Fled Across the Desert, and the Gunslinger Followed

An accident on 94 over the radio caused me to take a different route to my first stop today. Got there with 3 minutes to spare. I took Jackson street all the way downtown, cut over to Robert and all the way up the hill across the river.

Best comic I've read yet this year- in a few years, actually. Dark Tower is based on Stephen King's Gunslinger series. Amazing comic. The novels (which I've only read the first 3 of 7) are incredible and often called King's magnum opus. There are threads throughout the series that, in small ways, tie into almost every single other novel King has written. The series most clearly ties in with The Stand as the Man in Black is the antagonist in both the Dark Tower and The Stand. Reading the comic caused my hands to sweat and my heart to race a bit. Best comic I've read in years.

I had a guy do an evaluation and ride with me on the Wellstone route this afternoon- rather unannounced and suddenly. The guy's name was Steve. He displaced Davyon's regular seat so Davyon sat one seat back, in the 2nd row. Through out the ride Steve started chatting with Davyon and what was really interesting was Davyon was on the defensive right off the bat. And Steve kept pushing! Davyon was getting really upset, started dragging everyone else down including me, saying I wasn't so innocent on the bus. It was very strange.

Glenn Beck had an amazing guest. Ayaan Hirsi Ali may have become one of my heroes tonight. Her stance against Islam has made it so clear to me how the thought of opposition to Islam being politically incorrect is completely ironic. Islam may very well be the most politically incorrect set of beliefs and traditions on this planet, currently. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a death sentence for saying the things she says.

Cara's mom was over when I got home. David is out of town for two weeks (he booked a flight on some other web page).

LOST resumed tonight, but since we don't have good reception and Cara's mom was here we didn't watch it. I did manage to start downloading the episode before going to bed.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


It snowed today. Made for an interesting morning taking kids to school. I managed my routes very well, I must say. Felt good to do well. Worst case I was about 7 minutes late to each school.

I got around to posting some photography on We don't have to start our buses every 30 minutes like yesterday- thank God. That was quite irritating.

Saw a guy walking a big Great Dane. The Dane barked at me once. Good boy.

The fortune on the roads continued this afternoon. All went very well as compared to others according to what I heard over our CB radio. However, it seemed like all the stop lights on University Ave were extra long. I happen to cross University several times which really slowed us down.

Small Group - Matthew 25. Jankovich's didn't make it to group tonight because Laura and Oliver weren't feeling well. I was going to suggest that they not come, anyways, because of the road conditions. It was a good night for study. Matthew chapter 25 is completely red text- 100% words of Jesus.

After group Eric had me burn a couple of episodes of Blake's 7 season 2 for him. I love that show. I hope that the recent revival of Doctor Who kick starts a new Blake's 7 series.

On my way into work today, I heard Tom Barnard of the KQ Morning Show introduce Duran Duran- Hungry Like the Wolf. This song has no place on KQRS. I love Duran Duran deeply- my favorite band for many many years, but I don't listen to KQ expecting to hear that. When did this start? Is KQ moving in a new direction? Will I hear Peter Gabriel on it? Threw me for a loop.

Monday, February 05, 2007


-14 degrees today. What this means is while I'm parked out at home with the bus every 12 hour I have to go out and start the bus and let it run for 10 minutes. Not as much fun as not doing that.

On the way in to work my Jeep didn't warm up at all. That's not normal.

Had to do a load count for the Wellstone Route. Bad day to have me count the students, quite possibly the lowest total number of students I've ever hauled.

No one was home when I arrived tonight. Kind of had me worried for a minute. Leesha had to go strait to bed as soon as they did get home, which was very shortly after I did. She kept getting up out of bed to 'go to the bathroom' (testing boundaries is what she was really up to, stalling going to bed). Had me thinking of guidelines for Grounding.
  • No iPod
  • No Gameboy
  • No Radio Disney
  • No Friends house or Friends over
  • one week duration- if she does something that would cause her to be grounded while she is already grounded, add one day to the duration.
  • Duration = 1 week.
Cara thought this was a bit steep. Then I thought
  • 1st offense = 3 days
  • 2nd offence = 5 days
  • 3rd = one week
  • adding a day beyond the one week
Watched a South Park episode dealing with the Nentendo WII and Atheism. Fantastic stuff. Also watched an episode of Torchwood. Interesting episode. Kind of slow.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Luke 4:40

Oh was it ever cold! Church today. The service was rather convicting. Luke 4:40 through 40-something. Jesus goes away from everyone else to be with his Father in Heaven. Message was that we should really be doing this. And I don't. Not very regularly.

After church we went to Olive Garden with Eric and Keesha and Cara's mom, Darlene. That was a nice time. Lots of laughter and food. Cara went off with her mom after to go shopping. I went home.

Leesha was dropped off with the ladies. I started watching Sarah Jane Adventures. Not too bad so far. Only got about 17 minutes into it before the ladies got home.

I found my book!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dungeons and Doctor Who Spin-offs

Patrick hosted today's session of D&D ran by Robert. Rob was saying that he heard the fellas at the Source saying they don't expect the Eberron Campaign line to survive based on the lack of sales they see there. This news makes me sad since I've recently thrown my D&D flag in that world. They do have 2007 already mapped out as far as releases go, so I'm thinking (and hoping) it was just talk.

I didn't go right home after the game. I explored Plato Road a bit. Found myself along the river- the other side of the river from Shepard Road. Very nice drive.

I'm pissed that I cannot find my book. I think I forgot it at Pat's house.

Cara was working tonight so I had some me time. I watched an episode of Torchwood and loved it. Torchwood is Doctor Who's younger vulgar brother. Its much more dark and they swear all the time. Paul was telling me that Sarah Jane Adventures has started over on the BBC. Sarah Jane Adventures is another Doctor Who spin-off, like Torchwood. I'm going to download the first episode tonight.

Very cold day.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Groundhog's Day

Today is Groundhog's Day. I used to blame winter on that stupid groundhog when I was a kid. This is the coldest day of the year. And the coldest day I've ever driven a school bus in. Because of the cold there was a sundog today shortly after dawn.

I sold my Palm Pilot on eBay today. I also sold a book.

It was too cold to nap on the bus, so I went to Schinders and burned up some time there. Found last month's Dungeon magazine.

Flipping through radio channels, on my way home, wishing I could listen to my David Bowie CD, when all of a sudden Golden Years STARTS on KQRS! Great song. That happened earlier this week with Peter Gabriel.

Got home, had dinner and Cara flew out the door for work. Leesha and I had the evening. She went to work cleaning her room. I went on inspection. I asked what if I found something in her closet?- it was fine. What about under her bed? She had confidence that it was going to pass as well. But I said "Hey, what about this?!" and pulled out a comic book I was hiding in my pocket and threw it on the bed. She had a reaction of a little bit 'how did I miss that', 'wait... I haven't seen that before', 'hey! this must be my reward' and she flew to it and started paging through. She was well behaved. Next I had her take 5 pennies out of her bank and I went down and grabbed 5 toys from the pile of toys Cara and I get whenever she leaves toys in her pockets from the laundry. 5 pennies vs 5 toys in a Connect-Four challenge. She wins she gets a toy. I win I get a penny. She decided to walk with a tie- 3 to 3. We finished off the night with an episode of Dungeons and Dragons cartoon I downloaded.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

5, Ariel and Trash

I had to return to base with the bus, this morning, because a headlight was out. It took 10 minutes to replace. I was still a little pissed (that time at home means more to me than I realized). So, as soon as they were done, I took bus to channel 5 to say hi. Saw Jason, Seth, Danno, Hammer, Trish, Swifty, Vineeta, Pickett, Patrick, Terry, Tommy, Jim, Kevin, Schmity, few of the producer girls- Becky, Allison, Amanda. Everyone was excited to hear about Bopper. Nothing changes in that place- except for the faces. Didn't get to see Monica.

I wasn't able to come home for lunch, so I ate McDonald's.

I did get to nap today, but I had to keep the bus idling.

Super hungry when I got home.

Sorting through my email very quickly, it looks like I got in trouble with YTB because of eBay. I also got an email from eBay and thought I was in trouble on eBay because of YTB, but ended up being a phishing scam (thank God I didn't click on the link!). Strange timing on that one.

Felt like as soon as I got home we ate. As soon as that was done I was out of the house again.

Went to Mike's for a couple episodes of Firefly. Mike's house is great. Totally a bachelor house. The place is a shrine to Mike's past. All Star Wars and Indiana Jones and Dodge classic cars decor. I clearly see what he means when he talks about always working on the house. There is much much more work to do on it, but its a good house to start with. He has a nice yard all fenced in for a dog. We watched the Firefly episodes: Ariel and Trash. Fantastic show. It was fun, I'd like to do it again sometime.

feels like the day is slipping away from my memory


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