Sunday, September 19, 2004

This entry marks one week of new updates.

This morning, I let the boys out and went off to go pick up Cara. We went to church. Its kind of strange that Boyd was gone for so long and returned last week only to take this week off again. We had Sandra Unger and Paul Eddie as speakers today and thats just as good (maybe sometimes better than) as Greg. There was a Get-Involved-With-Your-Church kind of fair in the main entrance after the service and I had been asked to hang out and answer any questions about FOCUS since most of the focus folks (would that be folkus?) were at the focus retreat this weekend. So we hung out for a while.

After we left, we met Melony, Cara's cousin, for lunch. She's cool and we had a good time. Melony works at the MN Zoo so she was giving us updates on Henry, the Zoo's newest baby monkey. After that we went back to the Willis' to pick up my stuff and be sure that Greg and Mandy got back ok for the Nice Guys. They were back and everyone was fine- Eddy snorted a couple of times and looked at me sideways- but he always does that.

Dropped Cara off at her house and that was pretty much the last of my energy. I was getting ready to leave when Jeremy arrived to drop off Leesha. Found something Jeremy and I can connect about- STAR WARS. Its the universal language. Went home and watched some MillenniuM, did some bills. Called mum n dad. Typed this. and went to bed.

music - Wake Up by Tears for Fears (thanks Greg and Perry) and Twin Peaks sound track (while I updated my blog)
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