Sunday, November 21, 2004

Viking Game Day at the Dome/BJ's Birthday

Another early early morning at the Metrodome. Today, however, was very cold. The show went well as usual and the only thing different of note was I went picked to help get the McDonald's food run. It was kind of fun ordering 15+ breakfast meals and see how the employees deal with that.

After the show was done and we had everything packed we were waiting for the cargo truck, I walked out to the sidewalk just past the Metrodome's shadow the soak up some sunshine. There was a bohemian looking fellow scalping tickets who noted my KSTP ID badge. He asked if I knew a guy named BJ who worked there- I said "oh, you mean Pinnerman?" (happy birthday, BJ)

The afternoon was spent in my bed trying, and seemingly not succeeding, in trying to reheat my body core. It was nice to stay off my feet for half a day.
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