Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sherlock and John visit the Geek Flag

Sherlock and John visited the Geek Flag this week. Posting about Sherlock Legos, the two quibbled with each other on the comments via Google plus. Whoever it was did a pretty good job staying in character. It was a fun breach of the 4th wall... or it really was them and they really exist.

hahahahah I look so funny. XD 
Haha cute
... Is that supposed to be me? 
laughs yes. 
told you you had fans. 
That looks nothing like me. I am offended. 
come on, Sherlock...they just like you. 
that's absolutely adorable! 
But it doesn't look anything like me. 
you're right. the mini figure looks adorable. 
… That was an insult, wasn't it.

I'm not supposed to look adorable. THey have my hair all wrong. 
not exactly...just noticing.

and yeah, the hair's a bit off, but at least you're not the size of a thumbnail! 
Your hight is accurate in reference to mine. And what are those lines on my figure's face? 
cheek bones, dufus. your fans can't get enough of them...even Irene couldn't help but comment. 
.. Oh.
If I remember correctly, you commented about them too.
But honestly, that figurine doesn't create an accurate representation of me at all. 
sighs well then i'll be there to keep up the public's spirits. 
… Alright. 
Hahaha. +Sherlock Holmes have you bought the milk yet? Or did you send Mrs. Hudson to fetch it for you again?
.. I don't do the shopping. 
I do, apparently. 
what were you doing out?
I was looking into something for Lestrade. 
oh. okay. does your back hurt?
I'm sorry, looks sympathetic would you like me to read to you? we could finish Tolkien. 
No, you should rest. 
But i...don't grow heavy
is dreaming in bed
I would buy it, but Sherlock's hair is messed up.
Thank you. +John Watson, see? It is a deciding aspect. It ruins the entire thing. 


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