Monday, September 13, 2004

This was pretty much a regular day at work. I little too much exposure to one particular co-worker who tends to be draining on EVERYONE who works with them, but other than that, not too bad. It's the evenings that are going to be the killer of the week. I have something going on every single night this week Tonight was Supperhuddle (see below), tomorrow night is bible study (see below), Wednesday night is game night, Thursday nignt is Viking Game Day at the Mall of America THEN Scissor Sisters at Fine Line! All that and Friday. I dread Friday this week. It looks like the production department's every spare moment has been committed starting from the very beginning of my shift right up to the end of it. If we have breaking news happen at all on Friday, there will be a bad domino effect that may cause a lot of productions to not get finished.

Tonight, Cara and I went to church to attend the Superhuddle, which is the small group leaders meeting and did some fellowshipping with others. It looks like our group no longer has a coach and all other groups that shared our coach are coachless as well. We'll have to see who falls into that role and if the relationship will be different than it was with our last coach.

Packers played tonight. At the time of writing this it looked pretty certain that they'd win. I imagine Greg and dad were watching the game. Tomorrow is kind of the first bible study with the new members. We're starting Romans and we're trying a new method with questions. Tune in tomorrow night for how that goes...

The Final Cut - Pink Floyd (perfect weather for it, too. lots of wind and lightning on the horizon)
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