Saturday, November 06, 2004

BoboCon II/8 Months

All day was dedicated to BoboCon II. From 2pm till about 10pm, around 21 guys were gaming in our house. Most were regulars, some new people gaming here were Jay from work and Eric from church- both in my group. It was pretty fun all around. I think it was maybe too much time gaming, but since its so rare that we ever do for that length, its ok.

Didn't do anything for Cara's and my 8 month. We celebrated it already on the lunar 8 month. Sometime durring our gaming, she snuck over and put a magnet picture of us as Han and Leia on my car- funny.

music - Lord of the Rinds: Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack, Baldur's Gate soundtrack, DUNE soundtrack, Princess Mononoke soundtrack, Nausicaa soundtrack (which Wally hated)
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