Saturday, October 09, 2004

I saw a man die today.

Cara and I were in Woodbury visiting her friend Kristin and his husband, Matt. They just moved into a house and we returned Sadie, their dog, that Cara was watching for the weekend. We stayed for a good chunk of the Twins game. We took off at about the 10th inning. Took 494 north which becomes 694 as it turns west. It seemed like a lot of people were driving recklessly all over and I even made a comment to Cara like "What's up with people tonight!?". Then we had just passed 35E and a red SUV was merging into our lane about 50 yards ahead of us- perfectly fine. Then, very very fastly, a large grey pickup truck, weaving between cars behind us, whips around my jeep and obviously wanted to get in our lane ahead of us, but the red SUV had just merged there. Too late. The back of the big grey truck clips the front of the SUV causing the truck to redirect perpendicular with the highway and he keeps going off the highway to our right, hits the ditch, rolls over on the frontage road. The red SUV manages to pull over on the on-ramp of Rice Ave. they were fine. Cara starts to call 911, I park the jeep on the side of the highway, hazard lights on and run down and up the ditch, jump the fence and join the 3 or 4 other people assessing the situation. The truck was on its roof, pieces of truck and glass all over. Another car comes up the frontage road and in its headlights we see the driver of the truck kind of hanging out of what was the rear window. There is blood and he is moving a little. It seemed like 4 or 5 minutes and a cop arrives. In his flashlight beam we see just how much blood has pooled. It doesn't look good for this guy. The red SUV guy comes down and he is superwired-in shock, but he is physically fine. By now more cops and ambulances are there. Cara was up checking on the red SUV guy's son, he's fine too, a bit shaken up. She gives a cop her report, I give mine and eventually we're on our way.

music - Too Much Rope - Roger Waters (Give any one species too much rope and they'll f* it up!)
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