Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Burning Down The House...

Tonight, Bobo and I sat down in front of a great rerun of LOST with coffee and apple pie. He got a pizza and boneless buffalo wings for dinner just before and we were settling in. He chucks the pizza box in the fireplace and things start getting smokey. Just then my brother calls, we talk for a bit and Bobo was off somewhere. He's yelling for me to get off the phone- so I do. He then proceeds to call 911! His house is on fire!
At first it seemed like we just ran around getting esentials like jackets and IDs. We then cleared a way to the attic for the firemen when they arrive. I went outside to wave down the trucks, first one was an ambulance. Then the trucks started rolling in. I guess the Fridley department and the Columbia Heights departments were there. There were like 5 full trucks on our street! We sat in the warm ambulance and watched the ladder extend out over my jeep and onto the house while they contemplated chopping their way in through! We waited while they proceeded to tear down the wall in the living room! Soon the ambulance was dispatched to leave so we were sent to one of the fire trucks to stay out of the cold. Bobo and I watched from there, listening to the cb transmissions. It was over that system we heard it was ok for us to return to the house. For about an hour and a half, guys were coming in and out of the house, bringing tools and axes in and smoldering debris out.
In the end, there wasn't very much fire damage. Almost all the damage was from the guys getting to the fire. It looks like it was from the fireplace burning so hot, so long today on account of the furnace being out.

After all this, a guy came over to evaluate the house for a new furnace since ours died this morning.

Last night, Bobo was so worried about my room getting too cold, so he set up a space heater in my room for me (what a nice guy). This morning my room was fine. It was rather cold between my room and the bathroom, but thats normal. What was unnormal was Bobo running up and down the stairs checking stuff- turns out the furnce had died sometime in the night and my room was the only comfortable room in the house!

I guess the furnace was kicking out some high levels of carbon-monoxide- but not enough to trigger our alarms.

I was supposed to go bowling tonight with everyone from work, but I think it would be better to hang out with my poor poor roommate tonight.

So add all this up, this has not been a good day for my poor roommate. On a brighter side, he did get confirmation on his job, so he will be going back to work very soon.

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