Saturday, November 27, 2004

Lets Go See the Nice Guys

Cara and I went to Greg's and Mandy's with out saying a word about the ring on Cara's finger. Lets see how long it takes for them to notice.

What a strange scene it was when we got there. Greg and Dad were dancing around with a light and half of the ceiling open and a light switch hanging off the wall. Mandy and Mom were shoveling out the fireplace and hauling out bags of ash.?! I thought they forgot to tell us to bring work gloves or something. So obviously, everyone was too busy to notice right away.

About an hour later we all sat down by the fire to talk. I knew Greg knew. He caught my eye looking at Cara's finger. And I caught his catching mine. We hid our grins. Everyone else was harder to read. Finally, Mom exclaims "I can't stand it anymore!" at the very same moment Mandy points at Cara's hand and gasps "OH MY GOSH!" and then the whole room exploded into laughter and congratulations. I'm sure Cogs and especially Eddy were startled. Turned out everyone was onto us except for Mandy. We all saw when she realized Cara had the ring on.

It was a wonderful time visiting. We went out to eat, came home and visited more.
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