Thursday, October 14, 2004

Yeah, tonight was a bit of an adventure. We'll get to that in a sec.

First. This was a Viking Game Day day at the Mall of America. The best part of these days is over time and 4 player chess. After we set up the set its becoming tradition the four production people (Scott, Josh, me and another- rotating person, today it was Robin) play chess against each other with a special board made for four. It is really fun and it leads to chess theory discussions.

The show went fine and packing up the set is getting faster and faster. We're hitting our stride. Tonight's was the last one in the Sears rotunda. Next time we're there it will be in the giant Sam Goody rotunda. We may have to find our stride again.

After we were all packed up I went to a Halloween store to buy cheap swords. Cara and I are going out of town this weekend. We're attending a small group leader's retreat up in Alexandria. They told us to bring pirate costumes for some reason. So I bought swords.

When I got home, Bobo and Laura were upstairs. Not long after I got there, she left. Soon Bobo comes downstairs. Lets go check the trap- I say.

So we go out and look and sure enough, Bobo caught an opossum (he had seen one around and picked up a rather large trap). So as soon as I was packed for the weekend, we took the opossum in my jeep across the river and let him out. We figured it would have to cross the Mississippi on Hwy 694 to come back and that probably wasn't going to happen. He was a strange looking chap. "marsupials do, though". Didn't smell good either. But once we got the trap opened, he was gone -"'cause, they're fast!"
yeah, that was the adventure.

music - song from Night at the Roxbury
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