Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Work was fine today. We had a tour come in, which hasn't happened for a long time because of the fair. It was a group of seniors and they're way more receptive and fun to talk to than kids are. Everyone in the production night crew is getting sick. This is bad because we all touch the same cameras and wear the same headsets. I will not get sick.
There was a panel of ladies taking calls all day informing people where to vote in their districts. I found where I'm supposed to vote now, here, in Fridley.

6180 Hwy 65...

Since starting this web log up again, I needed someone to read it. I figured people would find it eventually even though its not advertised- it is available to those who look for it. Anyway, I called my brother, Greg, and told him to check it out. He did. Not even 5 minutes after I got off the phone with him, my co-worker called down to the PA area with a comment about one of the past couple of day's posts! Obviously finding it on his own. Strange how things work like that.

Tonight was good. We had a very good bible study. A couple, who usually doesn't go, was there tonight and we started a new and different questions system for the chapter (which was Romans chapter 1, btw). The system we implemented has everyone writing their own questions and bringing them to the group (tearing them into strips and once there, mixing the strips into a big bowl- thus, the question salad). So we would pass the question salad around. Someone would pull one of the question strips out and read it and we'd all discuss. It worked wonderfully. Definitely going to use that method again.

Back at the homebase, Bobo and I got into a good conversation about Catholicism and Protestantism which kind of ended in an analyze what denomination Jeffry is. Turns out I'm some sort of baptist.

reprise of The Final Cut - Pink Floyd (had to, it was raining on the way home- perfect Floyd weather)
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