Monday, September 13, 2004

Shooting for Ike was pretty fun. I had to tweak every single creative shot I could come up with since it was a limited stage and not so much light. Upon getting home I did some more tweaking with the web page- made it match my room's color. Cobra colors thanks to Cara for painting my room so. Its good colors to go by.

Bobo and I had a nice long talk out on the back steps. It was a good talk because it went much longer than we realized. I'm writing this in Sunday's tense but it will be posted on Monday. Tonight (Monday) there is a Superhuddle which what Woodland Hills calls the small group leader's meeting. It should be fun. It seems like forever since we've had one. Our group has changed a whole lot since the last meeting.

This was a good day. I felt spiritually recharged.

The Lucky One - Alison Krauss
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