Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I cancelled my subscription to any comics I had them pulling for me at The Source today. You can give them a list of comics and as they get them, they'll pull the requested copy from the new stock and store it in a bin for your convenience. I've been using this service for over 7 years. Today I called them and had them disperse any issues I might have had in there and cancel my list.

Partly because I feel a shift from comics to roleplaying games. That's one reason. Another is The Source recently moved it's location. They're now in a nicer and more spacious facility. While that is great, there honestly is part of me that feels not at home in this new place. I miss the old weird store. Also, I've been saving money for GenCon instead of spending it on comics. Also, comics have been not very good lately. Also, I've been finding better, older comics for cheaper at Half Price Books.

Also, I've probably taken another inevitable step away from childhood. I hate that one the most.


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