Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Command

A strange and wonderful evening with New Command.

We received an invite to a concert in a tree house and a pot luck. The invite came from the Browns, a family in our Bible study small group. The concert was held up in the most amazing tree house I've ever seen at the Brown's parents house... the Browns... uppercase B which is up in Stillwater, MN. Wonderful music. Most of the music was from a new album called Damascus Journey performed by a band called New Command featuring my friend, Greg Wollan. They started the show with an old track of his called Glorybound (see this post, this post and this post) which he dedicated to Cara and me. That was a very nice way to start off.

The whole event was a totally free concert performed for special and invited guests. It was informal and very relaxed and right outside up in an elaborate tree fort! Totally wonderful.

When we get the chance, Greg and I share our music obsessions and its surprising how many bands we both are very passionate about. Most of it is progressive rock such as Peter Gabriel and 10cc. He and I went to lunch a couple of weeks ago where he discovered that we were going to be at the this show. It surprised me that he didn't know. Apparently, he wasn't privy to the guest list. So somehow through our big church we happened to cross paths for this.

He was very happy we were able to go and my family and I had a wonderful time.


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