Thursday, October 07, 2004

Happy Birthday Gregory!

Worked out at the Mall of America for Viking Game Day and it went rather well (unlike the last two times). Stopped by the Franklin Covey store- which has become a tradition this year. After we set up the set, Josh, Scott, Zach and I played 4 player chess. We've been doing that on and off all week and its been a blast. Somehow, I became the designated liaison between us and the cheerleaders. One of the regulars calls me Indy because she heard Joe Schmit call me that (Joe doesn't know my real name so he calls me Indiana because last year I was Indiana Jones for Halloween). And I broke my leatherman.

I'm scheduled to work at the Metrodome tomorrow evening for a Twins pregame show. After that I'm going to Greg's and Mandy's again this weekend to watch the nice guys (see below).

music - Hold Back the Reigns - Duran Duran (Rio) and Here is the House - Depeche Mode (Black Celebration)
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