Monday, September 20, 2004

This felt like an ordinary day. There appears to be a sort of relief this whole week. Aside from having the Town Hall Meeting last week, that in itself is a relief, a certain co-worker is not present. We all have a week to prepare for their return- which was rough last time they had a week off. Its like they need to make up for the time away or something. Well, enough about that. I have a whole week of not having to talk about it.

I had my physical tonight after work. Everything turned out alright, I guess. While I was in Kenya, Cara's dad (who is a doctor) determined that my heart rate was too high and everyone was worried. Well, the doctor today said there wasn't a problem with my heart rate at all. So there!

When I got home, there were people gaming upstairs- so I watched MillenniuM. Oh, man, this show is awesome. The episode that I watched last nigh was quite a turning point in the first season. The show accelerates from this point on to the season finale. I love this show.

music - Who Killed Tangerine? - Tears for Fears
btw, I found out that the first track on that album isn't called Wake Up, its actually the title track - Everybody Loves A Happy Ending, so yesterday's music is erronious
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