Sunday, December 18, 2005

Woke up this morning at the Minneapolis Hilton and Towers. Cara held out till today. She must've felt worse than she let on last night.

The KSTP party was a great time. Right away we ran into Zach and exactly next- Steve and his date. Cara did a good job keeping up with me as I dragged her all around introducing her to so many people. Had some of the shrimp that don't qualify for the name shrimp.
Found Ben and Kristina, Ahmed, Robin and her friend Dana. We joined their table and had a wonderful dinner. This year was hosted by Cyndy and Joe. The entertainment, a comedian, was better than last year's mime.
After dinner people started clearing out and hanging in the lobby again. Our table, as per every year, hung out and danced. Steve collected centerpiece decorations penguins left by people. We were one of the only groups to do so. Our group and, of course, Jimmy's (from the garage staff). He always cracks me up. We danced out till midnight. Cara and I went on up to our room and shortly after that fell asleep. more pictures here
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