Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Click for $.03, MTURK & Sleep

I got BJ and Seth started on this website. On this site you can actually earn money for simply clicking on which picture best describes the business presented. Its very strange- but they're paying, so don't complain.

Went to a sleep doctor today and set up an appointment to have a sleep study done on me. I suspect that I have apnea.

We had a bit of drama at home this evening. Leesha's math grade is slipping and it looks like its because she just doesn't care about her work. When confronted, Leesha dropped into a strange victim mentality claiming that when we praise her its too loud and hurts her ears. I pray that characteristic fades from her because there is no integrity a self proclaimed victim.

Cara and I had a very powerful prayer session together tonight. I love to pray with her.


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