Wednesday, September 07, 2005

VGD show #1

As this day started, Vikings Game Day looked kind of grim. It seemed like a huge, not well thought out, project.

We were supposed to have new chairs for the new set, but they weren't around- someone dropped the ball on that one and everyone at the Mall turned to me to fix it. The At Issue chairs that we used at the Fair were brought down to the Mall for substitutes, but we needed 4 and only had 3. Good times.

We also were missing 8 strips that attach banners to banner frames. Again, everyone turned to me for answer. So I opted to return to the station to get the last chair and the adhesive strips. Robyn went with me. We made it fun, listening to the Cure (cause it was overcast). At the station, we found that someone else had also dropped the ball on the adhesive strip thing. All these issues that I suddenly had to resolve- created by others. Good times.

They sent Robyn and me to the store that supplies us with those things. We spent too much time there trying to explain what we want only to find that they hadn't any. I placed an order for them without any authorization to do so, but figured it wouldn't be that big of a deal since each item we were after cost $.12 each. Good times.

When we got back we found a metal wall with a outside-cafe-looking print on it. Guess what, we need to use this for a segment of our show. A wall. There were no supports or stands for this wall. But we used it. A couple of Vikings employees actually stood behind it holding it up while we shot the segment! Good times.

However, as every piece came together and was decided upon, the show really took a solid form. We have a lot of new elements in the show this year: new host- Rod Simons, new co-host- Rich Gannon, and new producers. The only on-air thing that is familiar is Lea B Olson.
Once the show took off we rocked. Everything started to fall into it's right and familiar place.
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