Sunday, September 11, 2005

Last Hot Day of the Year? I Think So!

Odd thing this morning.

Leesha was a pill last night because she was so tired. So we ended up putting her to bed without her devotional. She popped in this morning and woke us up. Why not do her devotional from last night now? So she read it, we read it again and we talked about it. That was fine, but then she wouldn't leave us alone, so we continued to talk about God and these questions came up:
What is the Holy Ghost? and
What is the Trinity?

Since Leesha was sick yesterday, she'd sit with us in Church (instead of expose other kids to whatever microbes that may still be on her- rather, just infect the nearest adults). Greg Boyd's message happened to be about the Holy Spirit and the Trinity! He actually asked the very same questions we discussed this morning. It was really weird. And amazing.

We went to Olive Garden for lunch with Keesha and Eric, Robert and Laura, Cara Leesha and me. Good time. Right after that we were going to Craig and Tracy's with a quick stop at a comic book shop (see, Leesha was very well behaved in church and I wanted to treat her with a new comic), but the shop was closed.

Even though it was possibly the last 90 degree day of the year, we took a walk to a park. uuuhhhh. I don't like humidity and heat. We all returned home and had a nice dinner.

As soon as we got home I popped a sleeping pill because I'd have to be at work at 4AM tomorrow. Boom, I was out pretty hard.
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