Friday, June 10, 2005

Wedding Rehearsal

We had to move our rehearsal to the morning because the pastor that was marrying us had his daughter's graduation party that evening. Everyone gathered for a late breakfast first at IHOP. Thank God they had a separated room, because our clan was quite loud.
From there and it was pretty strait forward. Everyone made their way to the church. We met Kevin, the pastor, and went through the ceremony. Tweaked out some of the music details. This was the first time I met our musician in person- tangent:

We had two people commit to doing the music for our wedding and then back out. I was ready to make a mix CD and go with that. But then I felt we really should have a live person playing. So Cara gave me a woman's name from her old church. I contacted her a week and a half ago and have been contacting through email ever since. Awesome lady.

After the rehearsal, I went home and packed the last of my stuff and ran it over to Cara's house and it was torrential rain. Once that was finished, me and a keg of rootbeer went to the park where we where having our family and out-of-town people pizza gathering. We had a good evening of getting to know all these new people. At one point, Aaron, who is just over two years old, was playing with the keg just as a police officer rolls into the parking lot to check things out. I'm sure he was wondering what that was all about. His dad went down to explain that it was just rootbeer.
Not long after dark everyone went their own way and I took Cara home. We took a walk down to the lake and sat on the dock. These were our last moments together not wed to each other.
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