Friday, March 11, 2005

Black Friday

It was not a fun day at work today. There were layoffs. For some time everyone was talking about them under their breath, we seem to know they were coming. Everyone heard they were coming on Monday. But then there was an article about it in the Star Tribune and the Hubbards had to do them earlier.

The production department wasn't hit very hard. Losing one director- Kathy. I heard she found out right away and left immediately after. I feel bad for her. I'm not completely surprised she was let go, she wasn't very good with change and she worked slowly. Its just that she's been working here for over twenty years and, not being good with change, I don't imagine she's taking it well.

Another big change for the production department was for Monica. She gained a whole lot more responsibility- our department was merged with Master Control and renamed Operations. So now she is responsible for twice as many time cards and schedules.

It was not a fun day.

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