Thursday, March 31, 2005

April Fools Eve

Tonight, Steph and I did a practical joke on our senior pastor. This is quite a nerve wracking task to be in on.

Steph is a friend from Woodland Hills who leads a small group like Cara and I do. I've gotten to know her through different church singles events and retreats and what-nots. I also got to know her improv and acting ability.

About two weeks ago, an associate pastor from my church called me with a plan. He asked if I was interested in helping out with a huge practical joke on Dr. Greg Boyd.

The setting was Boyd was going to go to a bar on the first day of the smoking ban and smoke a fat stogy with a couple of other pastors- just to do it (in St. Paul, establishments that make 70% or more on alcohol can apply for an exemption from the ban, their boys night out was obviously in St. Paul). The joke was to have a media crew come up to him and start asking questions about the ban, and once he was on the hook, start to get into some very controversial topics that would just make him squirm. My media connections made me a prime candidate and Stephanie was the first person I thought of for an assailant. I'd be the camera man, she would ask the questions as the reporter.

The caper went down beautifully. Steph led right in, he protested. Greg was getting upset that this reporter wouldn't leave him/them alone and Steph kept pushing. The other two pastors were totally in on it with us and urged him on till he finally started to share his opinion about the ban. She asked him what kind of work he was in and he answered honestly (which was a funny image. Greg telling the media he was a pastor sitting in a bar with a fat cigar in his hand). From that point Steph started asking more direct and controversial questions that have landed Boyd in trouble before- like about abortion. He still didn't catch on. So she finally asked "what is your opinion on April Fools day?" and he realized.

Just then the other pastors came out of the back and everyone was laughing at how well it went. Greg was duped pretty well. We got him.
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