Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Good Saturday

I got to sleep in today. As the Flaming Lips once said- "sleep in when you can". More and more that thought seems prudent.

Our guests were already out on their adventures by the time I got up. And Cara was getting ready to go do some of her errands. That left me with some much cherished me time. So I got a bunch of things done.

  • I bid on an ebay auction (with birthday money- this was the kind of auction where you get a great idea of what you're looking for and you happen to remember it when you have some time to surf and there happens to be an item that fits exactly what you're looking for and it ends that day! it all was meant to be)
  • I got our Melaleuca order in
  • updated this blog
  • changed my MySpace profile color
  • watched this week's eBaumsworld
  • posted a couple of things for sale on ebay (one has a bid already!)
  • and surfed my favorite forums
it was good

Leesha came home early. She and I played Battleship online and she kicked butt. It ended just about when it was going to her head.

Then we played Old Maid and Go Fish when everyone returned.

After Cara and Kristin got home we started thinking about going out to eat with the Koski's at an Indian restaurant. We met David and friends there and had a great dinner. Leesha was getting tired but she held it together.

Came home- Leesha to bed.

Played Settlers of Cattan

While the girls talked, us boys shared interesting internet sites:
and I won my auction!

nice day.

the only thing that was rather negative was that I found out that my friend Josh's girlfriend has been cheating on him. And he's taking it pretty hard. I feel so bad for the poor guy. If you read this, Schneidy- you are in my prayers.
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